The legend of the pregnancy woman

sign of pregnancy
One of the most frightening legends is that refers to the pregnant woman's twins. The story begins when Madelene Gotchalk with sign of pregnancy of Sir Thomas Braunshields in Essex, England in the year of 1877. The couple had married a few months earlier. Braunshields was a man who liked to do many experiments in his castle. Reportedly, had the most modern laboratory of the time in all of England.

The Incredible Story of David Lang

David LangMany people disappear without anyone knowing where they went. Many of these cases involve alien abductions, usually for experimentation. The victims are dematerialized and materialized again in the ship of the aliens. They are rarely Justificar a ambos ladosreturned. Those who live to tell about it are objects of ridicule. But in the case of David Lang happened otherwise.

American farmer David Lang, owned a farm near the Texas city of Gallatin. He lived happily with his wife and two sons, and his life was spent with a normal average American household. One day, on September 23, 1880, David Lang left the house with his wife while the children played in the garden. The farmer told them he was going to take a look at the horses and then go all over the city. These were his last words.

David Lang disapearingAnd this was so, because when the man started walking tripped over something, and falling disappeared without a trace! The wife, children and the judge Peck, who was passing by at that moment in his carriage, witnessed this mysterious disappearance and after an examination of the place, completely stunned, they were unable to find a single trace of the farmer and father of family. Except for a large pasture, there was no tree, no bush or hole, which might have fallen. He simply had evaporated. The police conducted an exhaustive search and even perforations were made to discover underground tunnels, trenches in which the farmer would have fallen, but found no traces of the person they were looking for. Mrs. Lang, never wanted to believe that her husband had died at funerals ever held for the soul of David. However, he could not bear to live in a strange place and soon sold the farm.

David Lang's ChildrenSeven months after the tragedy, the two children of David Lang, were playing in the place where his father had evaporated and behold, found that in the same place where the farmer had fallen, the grass and the flowers did not grow anymore. Later the children said that had heard his father calling for help until his voice was dissolved into nothingness forever.

Never nobody knows nothing about David Lang, nor the place to which he could have gone. For some people he evaporated in another dimension. For others, his body must immerse himself in a hole in time. Whatever it was, the disappearance of David Lang, was a mystery and still failed to elucidate the cause of his strange disappearance.

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?Human beings since the dawn of mankind has felt very curious to know what the future holds, what will be the result of such a thing and if you can change it. Almost all religions of the world one way or another have used to draw attention to prophecies of its believers.

The Mayan were a people advanced in some respects, had an extensive knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, which allowed them to carry a load very close to those made today. The Sages Maya Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico) learned something from studying the cosmos and its sacred calendars. They had a message to transmit to future generations of this time and left signals through signs and hieroglyphs that we discovered.

But what does Mayan codices say and what are those prophecies?

Maya Prophecy
Maya Prophecy, could be possible?One of these secret codex says that in 1475 the Supreme Council of the Maya revealed that began a cycle of 520 years, ending in the spring of 1995, to coincide with the end of the dark period that the Spanish would bring to this country years later, something we also knew that would happen. So they began to hide their sacred texts, and that Columbus would reach America in 1492 and Cortés, Mexico 1519. These wise Mayans prophesied that from 1995 the age of Itza or the age of knowledge.

Maya Prophecy

It is said that between 1995 and 2012 mankind will receive the light of knowledge from the heart of the galaxy. They say this will happen when humans awaken their bodies beyond their light and shadows. So, you may receive the light of knowledge and become luminous beings. The sleeping body of mankind must awaken. This is the reason why, for some time, have begun to return time Mayan splendor of his people to surrender the keys that will fulfill that awakening, your old secret knowledge. These sacred knowledge will prepare us for the age of Itza, an age of knowledge, which they say will begin in late 2012.

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?Maya Prophecy worldview was not global, they had a connection to the center of the galaxy, so their cycles of time they had a human scale. The Mayans believe the world as we know it today, will end after these last thirteen baktuns. The sacred number 13 is the maya, the number of motion and higher. Humanity has already experienced several cycles before we are today. One would be that of Atlantis, which ended with the demise of this continent. His knowledge went to Egypt and the Gulf of Mexico. This would explain the Olmec and the origin of their secret knowledge. There were three major cycles, relating to other great civilizations of mankind, which, like Atlantis, also disappeared.

Now would be another great cycle to a close. There is a flow of events that we can not control. We are all in a river there, who knows where it will lead!. It is your decision what to do or not do within that river. Oppose your current or flow with it, carried away. You are the seeds within us. We are in the beginning of the renaissance of the Mayan civilization. And we can all be Maya. Being Maya is not a racial issue, but spiritual. Maya is one aligned with the Earth and the universe.

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?Maya Prophecy does not speak of the end of the world, more specifically say that everything changes, the only thing that remains is the spirit in its journey of evolution towards higher levels. The first prophecy announcing the end of this cycle, which since 1999 have 13 years and that each man is in the hall of mirrors to find within themselves multidimensional nature ... that our sun revolves around Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades, and that both systems revolve around the mind, and in the center of the galaxy, in a twist that takes 200 million years. With this prophecy Maya wants to open the mind of man to the galaxy. Dejan coded key your calendar for the ultimate transformation: at the end of 2012.

What is dreaming?

What is dreaming?Dreaming is an involuntary mental process which produces a reworking of information stored in memory, usually associated with experiences of the dreamer the day before. The dream takes us into a virtual reality made up of images, sounds, thoughts and / or feelings. Memories that are kept on waking may be simple (a picture, sound, idea, etc..) Or very elaborate.

The most elaborate dreams contain scenes, characters, scenes and objects. There is evidence that may have dreams in any of the stages of human sleep. However, remember more dreams and the dreams are more elaborate in what is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement, for its acronym in English Rapid Eye Movement) which takes place on the last leg of the sleep cycle.

Armadillo dreamingThat is the act of dreaming that has been confirmed only in Homo sapiens. Some animals also go through REM sleep, but their subjective experience is difficult to determine. It seems that the mammals are the animals most likely to dream because their sleep cycle similar to humans. The animal that spends more time in REM sleep is the armadillo.

In many cultures predictive value is attributed to the dream, conceived as an encrypted message that is necessary to unravel. We find this belief, for example, in the Bible (where Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams). In the early twentieth century, Sigmund Freud takes up the issue from a rational perspective in his Interpretation of Dreams (1900). The analysis of them is for him the access via regia to the unconscious.

The reason for the dreams:

The hypothesis that sleep participates in the consolidation of recent memory has been investigated by four paradigms:
Effects of sleep deprivation on the consolidation of memories;
Effects of learning on post-training sleep;
Effects of stimulation during sleep on sleep patterns and memory, and
Re-expression of specific neural patterns during post-training sleep.

Cats dreamingDream studies confirm convincingly the idea that sleep is deeply involved in memory functions in humans and animals. However, the available data are still too few to confirm or reject the hypothesis recently exposed unequivocally that the consolidation of non-declarative memories and statements regarding processes depend on REM and NREM.

The danger of sea level rise

The danger of sea level rise of the oceansWe all know that water covers 75% of the planet, the other 25% is land. The ocean level was kept constant by the continuous evaporation of this water under the seas.

However, if the temperature of the ice caps would increase a few degrees, the ice accumulated there for thousands of years begin to melt. This would cause a rise in water level to limit catastrophic for humanity. This is one of the reasons why we are so worried about global warming, because if this were to happen could be the end of humankind.

The danger of sea level rise of the oceans is caused by two factors. The first is the arrival of ocean water from such sources as melted ice of glaciers and polar icecaps. Current evidence of global warming includes the widespread retreat of glaciers in 5 continents. For example:
The danger of sea level rise of the oceans
The ice Peak Kilimanjaro may be gone in 20 years. About a third of Kilimanjaro's ice has disappeared in the last 12 years and 82% have vanished since it was put in first mapped in 1912.
The Arctic Ocean sea ice is thinning. Impressive mass of Antarctic ice have collapsed into the sea with alarming rapidity.

The second factor is the thermal expansion of ocean water. As the ocean water temperature rises and the seas become less dense, they will spread, occupying more surface of the planet. An increase in temperature would accelerate the rate of increase in sea level. Since the end of the last ice age, 18,000 years ago, sea level has risen by over 120 meters.

What is The Hermetism

Since ancient times man has limited space knowledge of many issues raised by its complexity would not be palatable to anyone who has no intellectual training but mostly does not have an open mind to understand the intrinsic truth of things.

One of the oldest philosophical beliefs is what Hermeticism, which are a set of beliefs largely based on writings attributed to Hermes Trismegistus.
The word "secrecy" is derived from "tight", which is in turn derived from "Hermes." Hermes is taken from the Greek root "Herm", meaning "vitality" or "active, positive, radiant principle of Nature." Also this word throughout the years has become synonymous with closed storage.

The main reference of this movement are the 7 principles of truth described in the Kybalion:

Mentalism: The all is mind, the universe is mental.
Correspondence: As above, so below, as below, so above.
Vibration: Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.
Polarity: Everything is dual, everything has two poles, everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same, the opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree, extremes meet, all truths are half truths all paradoxes may be reconciled.
Rhythm: Everything flows and flows, everything has its forward and backward, everything rises and falls, everything moves like a pendulum, measure of the swing to the right is the same as the swing to the left, the rhythm compensates.
Cause and Effect: Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause everything happens according to law, the luck or chance is simply the name given to the law is not recognized, there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the
Law Generation: Generation is in everything, everything has its masculine and feminine principle, the manifests on all planes. On the physical plane is sexuality.

Influences on existing partnerships
At present there are many esoteric schools that were influenced or follow the path of secrecy. Can be mentioned among them:

The Rosicrucian Hermetic Order Golden Dawn, etc.

The Messages from Water

The Japanese Emoto has been conducting experiments around the world about the impact of ideas, words and music on the water molecules. The descriptions below are drawn from his book, which publishes the results.

Pictured left, the left is a sample of water ice exposed to the word "angel", and right water exposed to the word "devil." As you can see, the structure of the second is dark and amorphous, without showing any crystal formation.

Here are some other effects found in their investigation Emoto ·

1 .- One interesting thing was that the results were different depending on the language used. For example, the word "Thank you" in English (see photo at right), "Thank you" in Castilian, evoked different crystal formations that the same word in Japanese.

2. Water taken in fountains and clear mountain streams, most beautiful crystalline structures formed in contrast to the deformed and distorted crystals formed by samples polluted or stagnant water.

3 .- Distilled water exposed to classical music took delicate and symmetrical forms.

Photo of water exposed to the symphony No. 40 in G minor by Mozart.

- When was Elvis Presley's song "Hotel of Sorrow", the result was that the ice crystals in two separte. • When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or exposed to negative words, or when focused on them intentionally, negative thoughts or emotions, the water crystals formed and instead were created chaotic and fragmented structures.

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