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What or who is God

who is god
This is perhaps one of the most controversial and enigmatic questions that may exist. Many great philosophers and scientists have made it and their responses have always led to discrepancies. For atheists God the creator of the universe is a creation of man, who with his thirst for the unknown to find explanation of reasoning leaves on very deep issues to fall into the belief that there is no explanation that can be resolve and thinks that God is the only explanation for those issues.

GodMany people imagine God as an old man with a beard down to his knees and already looks very tired. This is one of the representations of God, I'd say, more widespread and in which many people believe or imagine it to be.

Others believe in God simply to solve their economic problems and they will only remember him for favors, is the easiest way to become a looser. And almost all have asked God to meet us favors.

I want to make a clarification on the orders. Many people believe, by the misguided religious teachings, that both God and the spiritual beings of light meet all the wishes of the parishioners called if they ask in faith, and this is a big mistake.
Beings of Light is the Service and this mission is accomplished through the work. But what is the work? "Giving orders? No, the work is to help each person achieve their way of life in the physical plane.

And Master Jesus said: "The issue is not supply them fish but teach them to fish." And most of the parishioners in this world continue to demand fish ...
With respect to communication with God, one can communicate with the Energy. Energy is in you. And here I wish to make some clarifications. Why are some people who are raised in thought and try to communicate with certain energy cosmic knowing, consciously or unconsciously, and cosmic energy that dwells in them?
Do not look for God in a specific place, because it is in you, is everywhere! God is in a service that can provide a similar yours!

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