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Dreaming with a lot of people

Dreaming elsignificadode.net about people - whether they are known, unknown, alive, dead or famous - is common and frequent in almost all dreams. Just as each component of the dream (stage, object, animal, action) portrays the dreamer, it is no different about who we dream about. However,  there are some details that can help us a lot to understand the meanings of each specific person dreamed.

The first - and the most complex - is divided into two parts and each deserves a kind of questioning:

1 - If the dream is a known person (is famous, our daily life or deceased): this first part can be understood better with the help of the following questions: What is the most amazing stage that person has spent in his life Or is it happening? What has lived or is living that called (or called) enough attention? Was this person fired? Got divorced? Was it approved in a contest? Did he have a son? Did you get over a loss? Did you change course or employment?

Then, when it comes into our sleep, that person tends to represent that kind of situation or attitude that we are experiencing and that are similar to theirs. Let's take an example. A man dreamed of an acquaintance of him. Recently, in real life, that woman went through the experience of motherhood, having a child. And it was something so intense in his life that it generated a significant change in his behavior towards the life, like acquiring healthier alimentary habits. This may mean that the fact that man has dreamed of her, indicates her potential to create something remarkable (such as a new professional, creative or artistic project, "as if it were" the child she generated) or to start a new The phase in which you will take better care of your food.

Remember, sleep language is based on "as if it were". That is to say, having dreamed with that known, it is as if the man adopts attitudes similar to those of the person in situations that may or may not be identical to those that she lived or lives. If it is positive, optimal attitudes, continue to develop and express them. In case of being negative, be aware not to act as that person negatively acted.

2 - It is also necessary to ask: what are the characteristics of the person who most attracts attention? What do you admire most about it? What else bothers you and bothers you in your looks, style and personality?

So, if you dream of former Brazilian coach Luís Felipe Scolari, for example, you need to ask yourself what qualities and defects in your personality cause you most admiration and irritation in you. It does not matter if what you consider positive or negative to the way of being of him is real, real or disclosed in the media. The ideal is simply to rely on what you see, notice and feel in relation to that person.

And after that, the ideal thing is to notice if you are not in a phase where you need to be careful not to reproduce in your everyday life those flaws. And how he has sought to develop and express in his day to day what is admirable in the person dreamed.

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