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The elixir of life

elixirThe elixir of life or elixir of immortality, is a legendary potion, or drink that guaranteed eternal life. It was a goal sought by many alchemists as a remedy that would cure all diseases (panacea) and prolong life forever.

Some, like Paracelsus, made great advances in the pharmaceutical field. Linked to the philosopher's stone, mystical stone that would transform base metals into gold and supposedly create the elixir.

It is currently still researching and experimenting with different chemical formulas to create and progress has been made, because life expectancy has increased in the last century in many more years of life.

But what is truly looking to create an elixir not just extend life but completely rejuvenate the person taking it. Many people would wish return to the divine youth who had in the past. Most people who are today more than 50 years wished to return to be 25 years old when their body was at its peak for atract the opposite sex and to perform tasks that can no longer perform.

Youth is oyouthne of those treasures that we will not realize and has always been one of the things that man has sought to recover. Today a person of 50 years is in terms of looks much younger than a person of the same age but the beginning of our era when the life expectancy was 37 years, then, a person who at that time had 50 years was an elder.

Fatigue, physical pain, the damage occurs in the body as time passes, there seems to be the key concern. Fashion, social pressures, the desire to "stay in the race", and the arsenal available to cosmetic medicine now makes men and women increasingly turn to different treatments early so quickly taken off over ten years. In 2005, according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the U.S. were about 11.5 million surgical and nonsurgical procedures and were used about $ 12.8 million in aesthetics. But besides the wrinkles over the years causes a deterioration in physiological functions and physical demands attention should be paid.

Revitalizationelder people treatments are not new. Since the 50's, thousands of people went through the Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland, in order to undergo these therapies and thus slow the aging process. Paul Niehans, a Swiss doctor, was the creator of the Cellulotherapy. Using glandular cells taken from newborn sheep, we observed that patients suffering from endocrine diseases eventually felt stronger and more resistant to stress and infections. "With the use of hydrolysates derived from bovine organs, which provide a range of vital substances such as peptides, polypeptides, amino acids, carbohydrates and trace elements can stimulate tissue aging, worn or ill.

In elixiraddition, to strengthen the immune system and stops improving musculoskeletal problems (arthritis, osteoarthritis), insomnia, chronic fatigue and stress. Returns the vitality to the skin, restoring the collagen and elastin, "says the specialist.

But people still waiting to be invented a product that just by taking you will be again young and give us back 25 years! Where the majority of humans were in our best looking physically!

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