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Freddy Miller's case, another abduction of Aliens

Freddy Miller Otero
Freddy Miller's case, recounted in detail by Sebastian Robiou in his famous book UFO Manifesto: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic (Ed. Punto y Coma, 1979) is one of the most famous cases in terms of strange disappearances linked to UFOs in the Caribbean.

On May 5, 1959, a boat left the city of Santo Domingo and headed for the beach of Boca Chica 20 miles away. According to what was expected, the time could not be better, since there would be a calm sea as ever, a nineteen-foot boat carrying the television producer and director Freddy Miller and his passengers (two women and two children), disappeared without a trace. It made a search of both the Dominican Republic Guard Cost and Puerto Rican Guard Costs using the rescue services at the time, but never could even recover the bodies of the five people.

Thirteen years later, on September 22, 1973, Virgilio Gómez, a sales manager for one of the best known insurance companies in the Dominican Republic, was on his way to visit an experimental farm owned by the national university on the outskirts San Cristobal, 15 miles west of Santo Domingo, to advise owners on the kind of insurance they should have.

When the clock struck 9 am, while Gomez was traveling to his destination, he saw someone beckoning from the edge of the road. "I thought it prudent to avoid it," said sales agent later in an interview. "But as I approached, I realized that the man was dressed entirely in green and had two more standing 5 or 6 feet away from the first. Thinking it might be a military checkpoint or accident, I decided to slow down gently. I stopped 10 meters from the first person and kept the engine running ... "

According to 
Freddy Miller green one piece suit
Gomez, the man in the green suit he said his name was Freddy Miller, and "allegedly" had drowned along with others, but in fact they had rescued a modern instrument, "a module known as the UFO people" .

Gomez said the subject in question had a grayish-yellow skin that was disgusting, had no hair, and spoke in a voice thick and ponderous. The body of the was covered by a one-piece green with no zippers or pockets. Wearing a large wristwatch "similar to that used by scuba divers" in the left wrist.

The insurance agent could see a vehicle in the medium to hide in the bushes beside the road, which made him realize that the situation was not a joke. The oval-shaped craft had a chrome-like glow and looked like an American football with no windows and no rivets.

The alleged "Freddy Miller" went on to explain that he and his colleagues were conducting research at the "pit Milwaukee, underwater trench reaches depths of up to 8,000 meters and is part of the Puerto Rico Trench. He alleged that aliens were worried about the seismic activity in that area, with devastating consequences for Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Trench
Gomez was assured that the aliens "would strive to avoid the cataclysm," scheduled for 28 or 29 October of that year, and asked him to leave the area immediately. Obeying the order of the strange subject, the insurance agent left the premises, checking the rearview mirror to see if he could witness the launch of the UFO. He was suddenly invaded by a feeling of fear, and accelerated to its original destination.

Upon returning home that night, Gomez told his wife and relatives of the encounter with "Freddy Miller" and his experience that morning. The story soon spread among the relatives of Gomez, and soon, the insurance agent was forced to recount his experiences during the course of a civic dinner. The case came on major Dominican newspapers. According to sources, Virgilio Gómez later came to see a family photo in the group and could indicate which of them was Fred Miller.

In spite of the appearance of high strangeness of the encounter of Gomez, is an undeniable fact that considerable seismic activity was the day the incident occurred. The researcher Sebastian Robiou said that there was a tremor in the pit of Milwaukee just hours after meeting with "Freddy Miller."

But what happend with "Freddy Miller"? The photos of the late sportsman and television producer showing a bald man with glasses more and which bore no resemblance to the being who spoke with Virgilio Gómez. Although his activities in the world of television, the real Miller lacked significant experience in radio technology, the reason for his resurrection at the hands of the "aliens." Although this case has been forgotten, occupies a place of honor among the mysteries of the sea.

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