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The Legend of the Paella

The following urban legend is not very well known, but it is interesting. It is the Patasola, a woman who is extremely beautiful, with long black glossy hair, beautiful and large eyes, very sensual in the sight of any man. She had a peculiarity, had a great sexual appetite, was, in other words, insatiable. Although she was married, that did not stop her from being with several men a day. 

He bewitched them and carried them to perform sexual acts in the depths of the forest. It was very aberrant, because he liked to perform all kinds of very unusual manifestations. One of the things he enjoyed most was swallowing the semen of the man, because it said that his body rejuvenated.
One day, the husband tired of his infidelities, cut off his leg and left her in the middle of the forest, bleeding to death so that she slowly died and realized the damage she did to her husband.

But it was not so, she was able to survive thanks to the pact she made with the devil, even though she had deformations, for example, her leg became a bear claw and her hands grew twice their actual size. Many are the ones who say that having swallowed so much semen his body could somehow regenerate itself so fast.

Currently she continues to hunt men in order to satisfy her endless sexual desire.

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