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The legend of the pregnancy woman

sign of pregnancy
One of the most frightening legends is that refers to the pregnant woman's twins. The story begins when Madelene Gotchalk with sign of pregnancy of Sir Thomas Braunshields in Essex, England in the year of 1877. The couple had married a few months earlier. Braunshields was a man who liked to do many experiments in his castle. Reportedly, had the most modern laboratory of the time in all of England.

One day, without notice nothing to Madelene, Braunshields prepared a potion which believed that it would advance the birth of their children and avoid pain to his wife. Thus instead of last 9 months of pregnancy it would last just 6 months, and the babies would grow much more fast and strong.

When arrived the morning of October 14, 1877, when Thomas gave Madelene take the potion that had been prepared and that she did not know what they contained. In 2 hours began the pains of childbirth in Madelene, who did not believe it was happen, when she could no longer more instinctively it was the first baby, who had a look of old, then 3 minutes later the other one had an old aspect also.

The babies seemed to elders in the form of baby. Sir Thomas Braunshields did not believe it and very upset left them at a remote village house. These were collected by Pamela Albright, who is scared to see them. These babies grew fast and when they were 5 years old, they looked like a 25. It counts the legend that mysteriously disappeared and until today it has not become to know of them. Their names were Craig and Travis.

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