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The Incredible Story of David Lang

David LangMany people disappear without anyone knowing where they went. Many of these cases involve alien abductions, usually for experimentation. The victims are dematerialized and materialized again in the ship of the aliens. They are rarely Justificar a ambos ladosreturned. Those who live to tell about it are objects of ridicule. But in the case of David Lang happened otherwise.

American farmer David Lang, owned a farm near the Texas city of Gallatin. He lived happily with his wife and two sons, and his life was spent with a normal average American household. One day, on September 23, 1880, David Lang left the house with his wife while the children played in the garden. The farmer told them he was going to take a look at the horses and then go all over the city. These were his last words.

David Lang disapearingAnd this was so, because when the man started walking tripped over something, and falling disappeared without a trace! The wife, children and the judge Peck, who was passing by at that moment in his carriage, witnessed this mysterious disappearance and after an examination of the place, completely stunned, they were unable to find a single trace of the farmer and father of family. Except for a large pasture, there was no tree, no bush or hole, which might have fallen. He simply had evaporated. The police conducted an exhaustive search and even perforations were made to discover underground tunnels, trenches in which the farmer would have fallen, but found no traces of the person they were looking for. Mrs. Lang, never wanted to believe that her husband had died at funerals ever held for the soul of David. However, he could not bear to live in a strange place and soon sold the farm.

David Lang's ChildrenSeven months after the tragedy, the two children of David Lang, were playing in the place where his father had evaporated and behold, found that in the same place where the farmer had fallen, the grass and the flowers did not grow anymore. Later the children said that had heard his father calling for help until his voice was dissolved into nothingness forever.

Never nobody knows nothing about David Lang, nor the place to which he could have gone. For some people he evaporated in another dimension. For others, his body must immerse himself in a hole in time. Whatever it was, the disappearance of David Lang, was a mystery and still failed to elucidate the cause of his strange disappearance.

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