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Maya Prophecy, could be possible?

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?Human beings since the dawn of mankind has felt very curious to know what the future holds, what will be the result of such a thing and if you can change it. Almost all religions of the world one way or another have used to draw attention to prophecies of its believers.

The Mayan were a people advanced in some respects, had an extensive knowledge of astronomy and mathematics, which allowed them to carry a load very close to those made today. The Sages Maya Palenque (Chiapas, Mexico) learned something from studying the cosmos and its sacred calendars. They had a message to transmit to future generations of this time and left signals through signs and hieroglyphs that we discovered.

But what does Mayan codices say and what are those prophecies?

Maya Prophecy
Maya Prophecy, could be possible?One of these secret codex says that in 1475 the Supreme Council of the Maya revealed that began a cycle of 520 years, ending in the spring of 1995, to coincide with the end of the dark period that the Spanish would bring to this country years later, something we also knew that would happen. So they began to hide their sacred texts, and that Columbus would reach America in 1492 and Cortés, Mexico 1519. These wise Mayans prophesied that from 1995 the age of Itza or the age of knowledge.

Maya Prophecy

It is said that between 1995 and 2012 mankind will receive the light of knowledge from the heart of the galaxy. They say this will happen when humans awaken their bodies beyond their light and shadows. So, you may receive the light of knowledge and become luminous beings. The sleeping body of mankind must awaken. This is the reason why, for some time, have begun to return time Mayan splendor of his people to surrender the keys that will fulfill that awakening, your old secret knowledge. These sacred knowledge will prepare us for the age of Itza, an age of knowledge, which they say will begin in late 2012.

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?Maya Prophecy worldview was not global, they had a connection to the center of the galaxy, so their cycles of time they had a human scale. The Mayans believe the world as we know it today, will end after these last thirteen baktuns. The sacred number 13 is the maya, the number of motion and higher. Humanity has already experienced several cycles before we are today. One would be that of Atlantis, which ended with the demise of this continent. His knowledge went to Egypt and the Gulf of Mexico. This would explain the Olmec and the origin of their secret knowledge. There were three major cycles, relating to other great civilizations of mankind, which, like Atlantis, also disappeared.

Now would be another great cycle to a close. There is a flow of events that we can not control. We are all in a river there, who knows where it will lead!. It is your decision what to do or not do within that river. Oppose your current or flow with it, carried away. You are the seeds within us. We are in the beginning of the renaissance of the Mayan civilization. And we can all be Maya. Being Maya is not a racial issue, but spiritual. Maya is one aligned with the Earth and the universe.

Maya Prophecy, could be possible?Maya Prophecy does not speak of the end of the world, more specifically say that everything changes, the only thing that remains is the spirit in its journey of evolution towards higher levels. The first prophecy announcing the end of this cycle, which since 1999 have 13 years and that each man is in the hall of mirrors to find within themselves multidimensional nature ... that our sun revolves around Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades, and that both systems revolve around the mind, and in the center of the galaxy, in a twist that takes 200 million years. With this prophecy Maya wants to open the mind of man to the galaxy. Dejan coded key your calendar for the ultimate transformation: at the end of 2012.

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