The Pyramids of Egypt, built by terrestrial or extraterrestrial?

Of the 7 wonders of antiquity, the oldest and most monumental of them all they were the Pyramids of Egypt. the Great Pyramid is 4,478 years old - or, which is the same, 75 years older than commonly accepted in recognized academic dating.

Even today, many historians and archaeologists do not agree on really say whether the Egyptian built the pyramids or was a previous culture to theirs.

Others without hesitation or a moment, attribute it to aliens, at that time supposedly had bases on our planet and the pyramids served as point of entry and departure to their planets.

According to those who claim this theory is based on the following:
Egyptian hieroglyphics make no mention of building the pyramids. If the builders had been Egyptian, this fact could not have been overlooked.

As for its purpose, the pyramids were huge teleport machines, which allowed their spacecraft moved by so-called "worm" or "wormholes", is to return to their planet of origin or to travel to other worlds.

And if you want to know something about the Sphinx, just think what would we do first thing on us to lodge us on another planet: the United States would build a great eagle, the great Russian bear, a big cock France, Africa, a large elephant ...
And then, after thousands of years, when the natives observe these large structures amazed, how many would speculate about it?

It has been shown that at the time of construction there were so many people, nor so much food to feed them. Moreover, and this is not a minor issue, not found the slightest trace of the buildings that should have made to live. Or do you think living under the trees while building the giant pyramids?
To this is added that one of the pyramids is a ladder on the roof, only explicable if those who built them manipulated at will gravity. And we know that this knowledge was not the heritage of the Egyptians.

But the most compelling of which was not the people who erected them is that the builders did not leave the slightest hint of how they did. Does anyone with half a brain can even imagine that the Egyptians were so humble that they would omit leave for future generations this historical fact that would stand true? Is it lacked national pride?

Each civilization, terrestrial or extraterrestrial, have ego and its monuments are often not more than theri reflection.

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