Andrew Carlssin, a real time traveler or a hoax

According to news reports, federal investigators in New York arrested an enigmatic character in Wall Street, named Andrew Carlssin, who claimed to be a time traveler from the year 2256, accusing him of insider trading. Sources of the Securities and Exchange Commission of U.S. confirm that Andrew, 44 years old, offered a bizarre explanation for the incredible success achieved in the stock market.

We can not rely on the findings of this gentleman. I honestly believe that this is a lunatic and a compulsive liar, said a member of SCM. But the fact is that, starting from an initial capital of $ 800, this man has achieved a profit margin of over 350 million dollar esta web. Each investment has suffered an unexpected and inexplicable rise in value, which can not be simply a matter of luck. The only way that has made these achievements must have been through illegal information.
Mr. Carlssin going to be in a cell on Rikers Island until you access to confess what were his sources of information.

Disaster last year left most stock investors desperate. So, when Carlssin got that each and every one of the 126 high-risk operations performed ended in a success of profits, brought upon himself all the eyes of the hunting opportunities on Wall Street. If, for example, a company values rose due to a merger or an alliance of technology companies that were supposed to be covert actions, the Lord knew in advance Carlssin somehow we confirmed the source of the SCM responsible for the investigation.

Once placed under investigation, those responsible to solve the mystery of the case they found something they did not expect: A more than amazing confession of more than four hours Carlssin said he had traveled back in time, and proceed in the future, specifically, one was 200 years later than ours.

He also contends that at the time, we know that our era was one of the worst as far as regards stock falls, so anyone with a little knowledge could make a fortune here. It was too tempting to resist, Carlssin claimed in his confession recorded on videotape. I had planned to make it look completely natural, you know, lose a little here and there that do not look too perfect. But it seems that I have caught with their hands in the mood to negotiate masa. Carlssin said to offer and disseminate historical facts as the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, or a cure for AIDS. All he asks is to return to his time in his Time Machine. However, refuses to reveal the location of the machine, or to explain how it works, supposedly out of fear that such technology could fall into the wrong hands.

The authorities are very reticent, and argue that the time traveler's statements are nothing but fabrications. But what is certain is that the MTS supports can not find any record of any Andrew Carlssin before December 2002. The Weekly World News will continue to investigate this story until it is resolved.

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