The Messages from Water

The Japanese Emoto has been conducting experiments around the world about the impact of ideas, words and music on the water molecules. The descriptions below are drawn from his book, which publishes the results.

Pictured left, the left is a sample of water ice exposed to the word "angel", and right water exposed to the word "devil." As you can see, the structure of the second is dark and amorphous, without showing any crystal formation.

Here are some other effects found in their investigation Emoto ·

1 .- One interesting thing was that the results were different depending on the language used. For example, the word "Thank you" in English (see photo at right), "Thank you" in Castilian, evoked different crystal formations that the same word in Japanese.

2. Water taken in fountains and clear mountain streams, most beautiful crystalline structures formed in contrast to the deformed and distorted crystals formed by samples polluted or stagnant water.

3 .- Distilled water exposed to classical music took delicate and symmetrical forms.

Photo of water exposed to the symphony No. 40 in G minor by Mozart.

- When was Elvis Presley's song "Hotel of Sorrow", the result was that the ice crystals in two separte. • When water samples were bombarded with heavy metal music or exposed to negative words, or when focused on them intentionally, negative thoughts or emotions, the water crystals formed and instead were created chaotic and fragmented structures.

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