What is The Global Warming?

the greenhouse effectThe Greenhouse Phenomenon or Global Warming whereby certain gases components of a planetary atmosphere retain part of the energy emitted by the ground being heated by solar radiation. It affects all planetary bodies endowed with atmosphere. According to current scientific consensus, the Greenhouse Effect is being increased in the earth by the emission of certain gases, like carbon dioxide and methane due to human economic activity.

This phenomenon prevents the sun's energy is constantly received by the Earth once again into space, producing a planetary scale similar effect to that observed in a greenhouse.

In 1974 scientists Frank Rowland (U.S.) and Mario Molina (Mexico) - both winners of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1995 - found the reduction of thickness in the ozone layer is primarily responsible to prevent the penetration of solar radiation on the surface land. Currently the production of gases that cause the greenhouse effect (greenhouse gases) has increased due to human intervenes.

These gases (mainly carbon dioxide - CO2) are responsible for absorbing and retaining part of the energy emitted by the sun, preventing the days are too hot or too cold at night, the increase in the emission of these gases cause major changes in the global climate (so increasingly unpredictable), undergoing changes in regional temperatures, rainfall patterns in, in agriculture, increased desertificacióy thawing of ice caps, raising sea levels and causing flooding in coastal and inland areas around the world.

WHAT CAN WE DO? All of us must take care of our bigger house. Some of the actions we can take are:

* Internalize awareness, environmental education and outreach in each of us.
* Do not waste electricity, water, gas, and in general all non-renewable natural resources.
* Separate solid waste by type (glass, paper, aluminum, etc..) To facilitate collection and recycling.
* Use of materials, devices, and ecological resources such as paper recycling, vehicles that run on clean energy, solar energy use, heólica, replacing traditional light bulbs (yellow light) for energy-saving bulbs (white light), etc. .
* Do not use pollutants such as aerosols containing CFCs, detergents, etc.
* Demand and know the government green plans, and plans for "Sustainable Development."

Global WarmingOn January 29, 2007, a group of Greenpeace activists placed, a poster with the picture of a thermometer on the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France), and the message "It's not too late" to alert and sensitize the community about global warming.

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