What is Spiritism

SpiritismSince the dawn of mankind, man has always been a very bitter face the death of a loved one or someone close. One always tries not to think even a loved one dies. One of the paradoxes of life is that at birth the only thing you have is certain is death. In the West hemisphere, most people are not prepared to face death. There is too great attachment to the loved ones around us.

So when a person dies, people think that person is in a plane close to us and existential and at the end of time or day of Judgement we will meet again with all our departed loved ones.

There are people who can not conceive the death of someone who was deep attachment and trafficking through seances to communicate with a loved one in question and ask how you feel and it holds things in life, it is believed that spirits can see the future.

Spiritism is a philosophical doctrine that appears in the nineteenth century the books of Allan Kardec, in fact it was he who created this word, etymology means "system for the study of the spirit" (Esprit: Spirit, Ismo: System) . Investigate the nature, origin and future of the spirits, as well as its relations with the world body.

After the death of the body, spirit or soul survives and goes to live in a dimension called spiritual world, and its natural habitat. Some people have a special faculty (mediumship) that allows them to communicate with the spirits that inhabit the spiritual plane. The spirits reincarnate, body back to life on Earth through the pregnancy to continue their intellectual and moral progress.
There are other inhabited worlds in the universe, some of them more advanced than Earth. The good and bad deeds in this life will have consequences for future stocks.

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