Subliminal Message

A subliminal message is a signal or message designed to pass below (sub) normal limits of perception. May be, for example, inaudible to the conscious mind but audible to the unconscious mind or deep, can also be transmitted from an image so shortly to go unnoticed by the conscious mind but still perceived unconsciously. This definition assumes a division between conscious and unconscious, lending to the confusion. It would be better to say that the subliminal message (sound or image) is perceived by the deeper parts of the mind, conceived as a single integrated entity.

Much has been fabulous with this from the subliminal messages that have been used in advertising campaigns by large business corporations, which have been used to gain followers in political campaigns.

An example I found on the website of the PRO-AWARENESS INSTITUTE of Puerto Rico who took his permission to play because it seemed very interesting. The following article that I draw from this page.

The Cristian Castro compact disc entitled The Way of the Soul is on the cover certain elements that create an atmosphere of spirituality and mystery. In the background is the presence of a church whose front door (or output) is meaningless since it is located on the edge of an abyss. A place that no one can enter or leave physically, but if so spiritual. That explains why Christian's body disappears into the clouds and blue violet, is a soul. Interestingly, the word "soul" is the only one that is complete on his body in the cd cover.

On the cover there is no physical way. Is put to atract the attention of consumers? Why, if the disc is the cover has cut romantic occult? What is the path of the soul? That and other questions are answered on a subliminal level in the song number four: Tomorrow. Here are answers and subliminal techniques were used on the album The Way of the Soul
Cristian Castro.

1) Sub Audio. The message that penetrates the subconscious is placed below the sound waves. In the song Tomorrow Cristian sings as can be seen (you need to put enough attention) a chorus of whispers under the musical instruments of two sentences for you and / or your place. Spot is a distant or isolated. That place is described by Cristian through technique number two:

2) Forward Masking. The subliminal message is placed in the same direction as the waves are sound but the way it exposes goes unnoticed by the listener. In the song Tomorrow happens that at 3 minutes 7 seconds (3:07 in the digital counter). The boy screams HELL word which translates as HELL.

The union of what is in the choir with shouts Cristian what results in a submission to the World of Darkness: YOU TO HELL, or YOU TO HELL. If you look again at the cover can understand what the path of the soul.

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