Why Dinosaurs disappeared of our Planet

dinosaurThe dinosaurs the largest living things that ever inhabited this planet until extinction has been a mystery that has lasted several decades without a really convincing explanation.

Some hold the view that a meteorite that struck the Yucatan penizula in Mexico was the cause of their death. Also it was proposed that they could have been affected of terrible diseases. There were even proposals that came to believe that dinosaurs somehow caused their own extinction.

For me, the theory that convinces me most is the one that exposes the professor Olguin a member of the Elron Group. Olguín says that there are ancient animals that have gone directly because its genetic code finish its living hope, then females were becoming progressively sterile until no more new creatures.

- There are ancient human race, such as Neanderthal or a separate branch of Pitecanthropus erectus, other than Homo sapiens sapiens, which has disappeared, not because Homo sapiens sapiens killed them.

Not that the Cro-Magnon man killed another and that the Pitecanthropus was killed by another race. It happened that their genetic code Pitecanthropus said that he had to live two million years, and died as a race.

I want to clarify that the more advanced species, less expectation of longevity has its genetic code. Look you that dinosaurs lived over 200 million years.
How is it then that human beings have a life expectancy of 100 times smaller, ie, 2 to 4 million years?

The answer is that it is a more evolved race. And the race is more evolved, I reiterate that has less life expectancy in their genetic code. At the end of the day this is no chaos. If the human race ends, is not the end of anything, because as human beings disembodied, and go to their respective spiritual plane, if the human race would disappear all spirits alive.

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