Baseball, the best sport of all

bush stadiumAgain I radically change the subject in relation to what is here in this blog is usually written. And is that one of the passions that I have since I was a child: baseball the true King of sports, the most sublime and intelligent game ever made by man. It is a sport so peculiar as it is at once so simple and yet very complicated and I think therein lies her magic to capture the passion of who knows it.

I know that can be sometimes boring and lazy to a person who does not learned before, but that thing is not the truth when you know its rules and you know how to play it, this is one of the few team sports that does not need a clock to finish and with it the moments of excitement and voltage rises to infinity.

Apart from the United States and Canada, baseball is played today in many other countries and is the most popular sport in many of them, especially in several Latin American nations in the Caribbean Basin (Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama, Dominican Republic , Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Colombia (where he organized the first event officially endorsed by the MLB), in some European countries (France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy) and Asia (JapaBaseball playing by childrenn, South Korea, Chinese Taipei and China Continental). In Argentina, Chile and Brazil is practiced solely for amateur football and basketball being the most outstanding sports where the country.

Baseball is a wonderful and magical for all who played it when were child and always, always always have a special place in our hearts!

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