Nazca Lines

Nazca LinesNazca lines, is the main tourist attraction in the Jumana region, found on the Pampas de Jumana, Nazca, Peru, and are composed of a set of zoomorphic, and geometric fitomorphas are engraved on the surface of desert plateaus.

The first reference to these figures belong to the conqueror Cieza de Leon in 1547. Maria Reiche a mathematics influenced Paul Kosok venturing the hypothesis that these drawings were astronomical significance.

There are many figures in Nazca, particularly in the Pampa de San José: geometric shapes, bends, representations of animals, plants, human, mazes, and other geometric designs.
The most representative are the drawings of animals: birds between 25 and 275 meters long (giant hummingbirds, condors, heron, crane, pelican, seagull, parrot and other), a monkey, a spider, a snail , a lizard, a killer whale, 27 feet, a dog with long legs and tail, two llamas, etc. In the category of reptiles, an alligator, which was cut to build the Pan American Highway South, an iguana and a snake. Many of the drawings are mixed with lines and spirals.

The Nazca LinesMost of the drawings were made on the flat surface, there is only a few in the hillsides. Almost all the figures are located on the slopes represent men. Some are topped by three or four vertical lines represent perhaps the ceremonial headdress feathers (some Peruvian mummies wore headdresses of gold and feathers). The figures from the slopes appear less defined than in the desert perhaps because the stones that have rolled down the slope have erased the details.

For UFO enthusiasts, this is one of the strongest evidence that this planet has been visited by beings from other planets. According to them these lines represent figures in the sky to guide and to inform other civilizations on other worlds they came to Earth that this is a planet that receives them amicably and that is a world of peace.

Increasingly, much more people who believe that these lines were drawn by aliens and not the Indians who inhabited the area. And you what do you think about this?

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