What is the Exorcism

exorcismOne of the topics that will undoubtedly arouse fear and confusion is the exorcism. The exorcism is performed from immemorial times and almost all cultures have practiced in the odd moment of its existence.

Exorcism is a ritual or liturgy through which aims to expel or destroy a supernatu
ral entity who has take possession or control of a physical object or living being. These entities, depending on the beliefs of those involved, can be demons, evil spirits, witches, etc. The object of possession can be a person or animal, objects and even places like villages or houses (Poltergeist). Possession may be total (the entity takes over the functions of the possessed, can move, talk, etc, through the victim).

In the past many cases of epilepsy, esquisofrenia, were mistaken for demonic possession and exorcism is practiced often in the worst cases the person died, or simply not go away and was condemned to exile or the stake.

catholic priestToday it is very rare practice in cases where warrants an exorcism, and the practice of exorcism is the authorization of the bishop, who can be granted once a time for each specific case or a general and permanent priest fulfilling the ministry of exorcist in the diocese. The priests of the Catholic Church to perform the exorcism do so under the terms of the Rituale Romanum. Today should be used as approved by the Pope in January 1999.

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