Cloning Jesus, is that possible?

Jesus cloneOne issue that has caused much controversy in these last years it is the cloning, due to in large part to the ethical debate that is presented in its application.

Cloning can be defined as the process that you can get identical copies of cells that are already developed a body, without sex. Two features are important:

1 - Beginning with a animal cell because cloning responds to an interest in obtaining copies of a specific animal that interests us, and only when adults know their characteristics.
2 - On the other hand, it is asexually. Sexual reproduction allows us to get identical copies, as this type of reproduction by its very nature generates diversity.

A major limitation with the practice of this technology is required for many sophisticated equipment and advanced technologies, is for this reason that Third World countries like the Dominican Republic at the moment can only be spectators of what developed countries achieved with this technique.

Why cloning is possible

Jesus cloning

As if all this were not enough, it should be noted that cloning at present suffers from many flaws that make it something truly awful to humans.?

The possibility of cloning arose with the discovery of DNA and the knowledge of how HIV is and express genetic information in living organisms.

To better understand this need to recall briefly how "done" a living being. A particular animal is made of millions of cells, which are like the bricks that form the building that is to be alive. These cells have very different aspects and functions. However, they all have one thing in common: their nuclei have a long strings that contain precise information on how it is and how to organize the body: the DNA. Each cell contains all the information about how it is and how it develops throughout the body to which it belongs.

This is for one simple reason: all the cells of an individual arising from an initial cell, single cell embryo or zygote. This peculiar cell, which is now a new life, is naturally obtained by the fusion of reproductive cells, ovum and sperm, each of which provides half the genetic material (half of the planes). In the zygote and the information we have about how it will be the new body: gender, physical characteristics, all: the complete plans. From the time that information will go fast becoming reality by two processes: cell division and cell specialization.

bloog on the turin's shroud

Many fans of science fiction always speculate about this and often go beyond what may have started to raise various options with cloning and its possible uses. One of these approaches is that even be possible to clone Jesus with blood particles found on the Shroud of Turin. Can you imagine a tremendous scandal. I am sure that this clone could not bear the burden of everyone from child to revere him. And I believe it would be a mistake, because for me the conditions that when Jesus grew up in these days it even harder to copy. In addition, you may be able to copy what is the physical aspect but it's impossibe to copy the aspect of temperament. And I think the spirit that is what is important in itself can not be cloned.

In the written above we must add, on the other hand, the frustrations and trauma that may be receiving in his life that clone, that condition could divert it from its goal, and the other fact that having no memory reincarnated not know with certainty what was the purpose of his incarnation.

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