The Shroud of Turin

The Holy ShroudThe Shroud of Turin also known as the Shroud and the Holy Shroud is a linen cloth that shows the image of a man who has marks and physical traumas of crucifixion, along with several entirely unusual, but consistent with the facts of Passion.

Most data on the Holy Shroud comes from studies conducted, from 1977, a group of scientists led by Dr. John Jackson and his partner, Dr. Eric J. Jumper (Faculty of Physics and Aeronautical Science, respectively, in the Air Force Academy in Denver, Colorado, and the Center of NASA in Pasadena, United States).

It was studied in VP_8 image analyzer that was used to study the orography of Mars and has the distinction of playing in relief as the photographs. Studying photographs of the Shroud in the Air Force Laboratory in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in collaboration with his colleague Dr. Bill Mottern found that the Shroud image contains spatial information.

The face of jesus in 3dAnd all this must be added more than 1,000 chemical experiments to determine the nature of the whole image and brand of blood, and the history of flax, water stains, several fibers, particles and debris (detritus), the presence organic and inorganic pigments and oxidizing and reducing vehicles, plus all possible human ways to try to create an image like that of the Shroud. His conclusions were: There is no doubt human blood. Components detected in this exclusive. (Dr. Baima Bollone Later it was determined that corresponds to the AB blood group - "coincidentally" the most common among Jews and very rare in other peoples-).

Other studies have found that the savannah contains high percentages of radiation than many experts in the field linked to an alleged UFO collaboration of these to complete the mission of Jesus in a glorious fastened to the resurrection of his body to be so much most recorded among his followers a message of love and peace.

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