The Big Crunch Theory

The Big Crunch Theory Just as we had wrote about The Big Bang Theory is also important the Theory of The Big Crunch that would be a continuation or the opposite of the first one.

This theory is one theory who has been considered on the possible end that holds the universe. The Big Crunch would be something like a moment when gravity would prevent the expansion of the cosmos, and then it begins to shrink until being almost nothing. But what is the cause: The mass density of the Universe. If it is big enough to stop the expansion the Universe will start to shrink)
- dark energy seems to cause the expansion to accelerate so a Big Crunch can be ruled out. All matter and energy are merged into a single point, and this would be death. If you think about it, you'll see that, logically, there could be many universes, each thousands of years, would expand and then compress.

Now the idea on which it works is that the death of our universe is something like the stars will be turned off because they run out of fuel, the planets will freeze and each object will move away from the other immensely. For its part, the temperature and decrease energy in a process, in theory, endless.

Moebius StripAccording to the oscillatory theory, after the Big Crunch could take place a new Big Bang, and even the universe could come from a previous universe that is also compressed in the Big Crunch. If this had happened repeatedly, we would meet at an oscillating universe, where each universe ends with a Big Crunch and gives rise to a new universe with a Big Bang and each new unirverso would join the former as I said in a previous post as a Moebius Strip.

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