The Butterfly Effect

The "butterfly effect" is a concept referred to the notion of sensitivity to initial conditions in chaos theory. Its name comes from an ancient Chinese proverb: "the flutter of a butterfly's wings can be felt across the world."

The idea is that, given initial conditions of a particular natural system, the slightest change in them can cause the system to evolve in quite different ways. Happening so a small initial cause, by an amplification process may generate a considerably large effect.

This cause-effect relationship exists in all life events. A small change can produce big results or poetically, "the flapping of a butterfly in Hong Kong may set off a storm in New York."

Many films have dealt with the issue of time travel and how changes in the past can alter the facts of the present and future. The movie The Butterfly Effect starring Aston Kutcher, is a new approach to the subject from a perspective as original as incredible in the way they carry out these time travel (although, of course, is not incredible enough the possibility of travel in time are made without much consideration for the way they do?.

The plot of The Butterfly Effect is somewhat complex to explain if it is to be made in detail, so just make a brief synopsis. Evan (Aston Kutcher) is a child, as happened to his father, suffers loss of consciousness during which performs actions that later, when he comes to, does not remember. In this way a series of events occur with three friends during his childhood and youth and to mark for life. During that time, Evan writes about daily are supposed to serve as therapy to control their memory problem. As an adult, Evan discovers that by reading their diary is able to return to the past with the mind and remember or, rather, change their memories so that when he comes to, his mental modifications have been realized and have influenced, almost always worse, in their present life. In short, Evan is able to change the past and, consequently, present and future with his mind, transforming the memories that are hidden in it.

Is appealing the mere thought that puediesemos changing events of our lives, but as in the movie would be very risky to the result that a small incident which happened in our past can affect and change everything too much what we had wrought.

If you had the opportunity to change some important fact or not in your life, do you dare?

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