What is Time

time watch Have you ever wondered what is time? Each day time is present in our lives and is what we measured the duration of the various activities we do throughout our lives.

What is time? is the physical quantity that measures the duration of things subject to change, or the period between two consecutive events that are measured in the past to the future through the present. Is the magnitude which includes a parameter change and sort the events in sequence, establishing a past, present and future, and gives rise to the Principle of causality, one of the axioms of the scientific method.

As a child, the time ran much slower, not sure if it was because they had not so many commitments as we have as an adult. I remember when I was 7 years old, the school holidays seemed to last forever. Today time is a snap, is unbeatable seafront that as more years of accumulating more quickly get the feeling that time flies.

timeYou can play with this feeling, like when you want an event or fact approaching soon and are very anxious to get that date feel like a protracted in course of time, whereas the opposite is true if you have a compromise that does not want to attend, the time really to be flying.

For Renny Yagosesky, writer and guide of conduct, time is a factor of impact and stress in everyday life, as people tend to want more time to live, work or for fun. "No one or almost no one wants the closeness of death, but everyone knows that sooner or later your time will run out." He recommends a rational and significant time, considering that so learn to live more intensely, doing what is really important, with less anxiety and guilt, and greater contribution to society.

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