The Reincarnation theory

One of the issues that undoubtedly in recent years has taken a big boom this is undoubtedly due in part to the popularity they have won the New Age groups or rather New Age. Greatly influenced by Eastern religious theoriein as Buddhist induist and these new age movements have again put on the table the issue of reincarnation.

I say that it has once again gain popularity and aceptation, because in the early Christian doctrine was accepted as any other, even as strong as that of the resurrection.

What is the Reincarnation?

The theory itself is interesting and, at least at first sight, quite plausible. Human Being aspires to perfection. You can not reach it in one short life. So we have to be born constantly, until after a long series of lives have learned all there is to learn, has passed all our faults and has expiated all our sins and crimes. Only then, We can attain "Samadhi" and enter the divine.

If a person does good works is bound to be reborn in this material universe, to enjoy the reactions of their good activities. And if you do evil deeds is bound to be reborn in this material universe, to suffer the reactions of their bad activities.

Liberation from samsara is achieved after atoned all their karma (all reactions of good and bad activities. Hinduism strives to transcend this process through the final release that involves access to nirvana, or the ideal state is supreme and liberation from all pain and the absence of any sense of individuality. If the soul has no karma, after its death last out of the material universe and merges into the Divine Light (the radiance that emanates from God), believing that the individual soul (atma) and the universal soul (Brahman ) are identical.

But if the soul has developed a relationship with God, not only out of the material universe, but is directed to one of the innumerable spiritual planets, where it has eternally from the presence of God.

In the past it was not advisable to promote this theory, why not I say that it was not advisable? because civilization was not prepared, at least Western. If that dogma was in the early cristianity hadn't want to be good with the other people, because if I have many opportunities to compensate my mistakes in this life and make me take all the bad and the next I correct the mistakes that I would have done.

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