The aliens abduction

abduction Abduction is the alleged act in which one or more extraterrestrial beings take a human being against their will (the kidnapping) and have been taken somewhere, usually in their own spacecraft.

Those who say they had witnessed or been subjected to an alleged abduction, often report having entered a room like a laboratory, where the aliens would carry out their experiments. Whatever the case, the abduction after being returned have discussed some abnormality in their bodies, such as presence of metallic objects inside the body (aliens implants).

In the world every year grows considerably the number of people who claim to have contact with beings from other planets or solar systems. The message that these things delivered to them, these supposedly elected, is categorical, talks about how the human race is not alone in this universe, and forming a kind of universal ecosystem, which in these times, is being threatened because of the continued nuclear testing, the misuse of technology and the indiscriminate use of natural resources on a planet that belongs to us. According to the message that these people are giving us, and what they say approached, these creatures come in peace and for the sole purpose of monitoring, so that no errors that alter the universal chain.

Fire in the SkyOne of the most famous cases is of Travis Walton that on 5 November 1975, a group of seven woodsmen were hired to work felling trees in Sitgrave National Park, near Snow Flake, Arizona.

The day passed without incident but at the end of the day while driving their truck due to their homes on a rural road in the park were surprised by a strange red light that emerged from the trees seconds later on leaving a bend, we found face to face with an apparently elongated object with a strong cash and gold, which was at the top of the canopy of a tree. As noted by the unit had windows and a dome at the tip.

Six of the panic-stricken loggers remained in the vehicle, but Travis, seized by the excitement and curiosity of the truck jumped and ran toward the object to ignore the cries of his companions to return. According to Travis reported paused below the apparatus of which came out a blue beam that hit him directly and made him fall to the ground losing consciousness. Believing that the strange light had killed Walton, the other men fled at full speed has to report the incident. Even when one of them then return to the scene minutes later to try to assist his unfortunate companion, could do nothing to the imminent demise of this.

According to the version of Travis, who undergo hypnotic regression sessions could remember what happened, he was abducted by a UFO, and inside you would find creatures with characteristics very similar to those reported in abductions. He described them as small creatures with slender figures, large oval head, large eyes and very small noses. Inside the ship would have been a victim of biological experiments and tests of all kinds, and further stated, have been transported into a kind of space travel and have had contact with other people, whose appearance was human.

Alien AbductionThe truth is that in most cases has always been a fear that those affected to some extent one scares you because any of us if we find a day on an uninhabited place and could also be abducted being tested. One of the fantasies that I had as a child was being taken by alien spacecraft to another planet and learn about their culture and their progress, was clear that this fantasy of course with people similar to us because it would be much easier to take confidence, but even so the only think that fact is millions of miles from home, being under the whim of unknowns beings and not knowing whether one can return healthy and safe is scary.

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