Do the men in black really exist?

The popularly called "Men in Black" are nothing more than an urban legend, because they are simply staff of the Area 51, and they usually never wear in black, just to avoid drawing attention. Its functions are diverse, but mainly to discourage investigations into the UFO issue as a means to protect the secrecy of the place.

In recent years there has been popularized by Hollywood movies giving a reputation to defend ourselves from the bad aliens, but unfortunately that is not its function, we would say that would be the opposite.

Since the fifties, people who have seriously investigated the UFOS have been repeatedly disturbed by mysterious phone calls and direct interviews, accompanied by fierce threats. There have been freak accidents, people have died in mysterious circumstances and, in general, it has become clear that research be too deeply into the nature of UFOs was getting into trouble.

The "men in black" like we are used to watch on movies, they appear usually in groups of three, dressed in black suits and shoes with thick crepe soles. Sometimes going to the fashion and others with decades of delay. The clothes are new, and all objects that are straight out of the factory. Often they arrive in a Cadillac limousine or type in a specific occasion in a black Buick an obsolete model but on the inside smelled like new car, but that is not the current style of them to do their job now.

A Man in Black can be that neighbor who is so nice every morning and picks up his daily talk to us so kindly on news of the day or the office mate so funny that does not stop making jokes. Whenever someone looks like a Man in Black certainly is not a Man in Black ...

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