Return to the Moon

In June 2006, I wrote an article that talked about the last man to have walked on the moon, Eugene A. Cernan, who was the commander of the Apollo 17 mission which was his last mission into space before his retirement.

In that post I left on the air a question that many of us all this time we have done, why man has not returned to the Moon? One of the most popular theories is that on the moon, there is extraterrestrial settlements and bases, usually on the other side of the moon (the dark side), and that to avoid potential problems with this base was canceled any project that would seek to new step on the lunar soil.

Many of these theories have their origin in a strange bug caused by "overheated camera" which remained disrupted for over two minutes the picture and sound when Neil Armstrong NASA transmitted messages in the first moon landing of the history, not without some second margin in order to cut the emission in case something unexpected happens, it served the world.

This unexpected problem surprised even the most qualified of viewers who were unable to explain how in such a costly project, one of the most essential elements could break down... Some time after the historic Moon landing, Christopher Craft, director of the base in Houston, made some surprising comments when he left NASA.

Author Sam Pepper (otherwise unidentified and he has since vanished) gave this version of "the top secret tape transcript" from "a leak close to the top", as follows:

Moon: Those are giant things. No, no, no - this is not an optical illusion. No one is going to believe this !
Houston: What ... what ... what ? What the h--- is happening ? What's wrong with you ?
Moon: They're here under the surface.
Houston: What's there ? (muffled noise) Emission interrupted; interference control calling 'Apollo 11'
Moon: We saw some visitors. They were here for a while, observing the instruments
Houston: Repeat your last information !
Moon: I say that there were other spaceships. They're lined up in the other side of the crater !
Houston: Repeat, repeat !
Moon: Let us sound this orbita ... in 625 to 5 ... Automatic relay connected ... My hands are shaking so badly I can't do anything. Film it ? G--, if these d--ned cameras have picked up anything - what then ?
Houston: Have you picked up anything ?
Moon: I didn't have any film at hand. Three shots of the saucers or whatever they were that were ruining the film
Houston: Control, control here. Are you on your way ? What is the uproar with the UFOs over ?
Moon: They've landed here. There they are and they're watching us
Houston: The mirrors, the mirrors - have you set them up ?
Moon: Yes, they're in the right place. But whoever made those spaceships surely can come tomorrow and remove them. Over and out.

The conversation continues with Armstrong and Aldrin discovered as beings who have fallen from what appears to be another spacecraft provide them with curiosity and even engaged in observing instruments. In this situation, Houston ordered the astronauts to take all the pictures they can and act as if nothing was happening, because they will resume transmission to the public.

The matter was serious. Despite the official denial, and regard as forgeries of all recordings of fans who gathered to dialogue, NASA was aware that a policy of "potentially disruptive" that night had escaped their control. Something that swore they would never happen again. To avoid this, in later missions established an emergency code for the astronauts who would use it in cases like the above.

On April 9 2008, Michael Griffin, director of the U.S. space agency NASA announced that the U.S. plans to send astronauts back to the moon by 2019. Maybe by that time was made massive first contact between extraterrestrial beings from other worlds and us.

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