Crop Circles

The crop circles is one of those questions in the early 80's caused among the scientific community at the same time surprise and Confusion because they could not get a logical explanation to explain a reasonable cause.

They were drawn circles that appeared in the cereal fields. There the plants were bent without injury, as if something very strange, with a sense of movement in clockwise and had been sitting tight. Gently circular markings, grouped in circles of various sizes, appeared here and there , following a similar pattern. It appears that these marks were found from 1979 - and there are references even older-but well into the decade of the '80s reached public awareness and increased progressively in number. The press gave wide dissemination of the events and for 1989, given the enormous amount recorded that year, produced a massive interest in the people who came to the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, who personally took care to examine documentation obtained on the findings.
The marks were often first seen with sunlight in places where the previous day there was nothing abnormal. So it appeared that it was at night that these tracks appeared, why guards were mounted with infrared cameras, binoculars and tape recorders to record a possible sensitive unusual activity. But nothing happened, and next morning some tracks had appeared.

The UFO Hypothesis

When the mystery of making public state makes people immediately thought the circles were nothing that makes UFO ¨ ¨. But there seemed no compelling reasons for such determination and other assumptions began to take shape.
The vigils and surveillance, however, detected the presence of strange, small areas of plasma surface that ran softly. Numerous witnesses who were able to see and shoot these balls generally whitish roam the fields as in all parts of the world. Nobody could take this little enigma directly responsible for the circles, especially when other theories seemed to assert themselves and answer countless questions, but it happened that on occasion, small areas cut off the shadows of night over the same places where, The next morning appeared the colossal figures in the cereal. The increasing complexity of Marks was discarded one by one the hypothesis that sought to find a solution to the mystery.
All natural effect seems to be left behind to the nature of symbolism applied to his drawings, evidence of something more than just a physical phenomenon. Anything that was the cause, this should be at least one container intelligence to measure, calculate, and with an exquisite taste for the combination of forms and meanings, and I wonder why they have not made those circles here our country, particularly in Santiago, would be a great tourist attraction, right?

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