The Face On Mars

One of the things that speak of the planet Mars has taken in recent years much attention has been the picture that in 1976 the vehicle Viking 1 taken from a region of Mars known as Cydonia. It has been called The Face on Mars.

The scientists were amused to note the appearance of this plateau on the information that NASA sent to the press on July 31, 1976. "The photo shows geological features in the form of plateaus, somewhat eroded. The massive overhang of rock in the center, which resembles a human face, is made of shadows that give the impression of eyes, nose and mouth.

This has allowed the creation of numerous related stories like the one in a long time ago there was intelligent life on that planet and those people for various reasons (climatic) had to migrate under the help of other beings from other worlds and our planet earth that are the ancestors of the Egyptians and hence the latter inherited the techniques of building pyramids.

Others argue that a civilization is much older than the Earth, but that was decimated by various diseases and currently is only 10% of it (about two million people), not living on the surface but living in huge caverns.

No doubt that this great mystery will soon be resolved before 2030 when NASA, who already has several projects to send manned spacecraft, starting this it would be after the trip to the moon the greatest adventure undertaken by human race. Early research on Mars probably will go to inspection whether the red planet in a sign of life there is something that the astronauts may surprise you is that you wait with a great reception.


  1. 過去的事早已消失,未來的更是渺不可知,只有現在是真實的。 ..................................................


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