The Big Bang Theory

Have you ever wondered if everything you see has always been? Sure that it is very easy to think that our neighborhood, our city and our country have a beginning, a starting point, even going further than the earth is a time where it was formed. However, this does not apply to the universe, when one asked the question when it was created the universe come immediately many unknowns, such as what would had prior to the creation? Many people when they cannot find a solution to this question appeals to the belief of God as creator and an end to the question and the reasoning.

The term "Big Bang" is used to refer specifically to the time when began the expansion of the observable universe from what is called singularity, that is the moment when the universe was filled with homogeneous and isotropic with an energy dense and had a temperature and pressure concomitantly. The Universe got expanded and cooled, some undergoing phase changes similar to the condensation of vapor or freezing water, but related to elementary particles.

The consensus of scientists to place the contemporary age of the universe is about 13,700,000,000 years (thirteen thousand seven hundred million) and is still in constant expansion. But just as everything has a beginning has an end and all at the end of the universe is known as a Big Crunch or a large contraction.

Other theories contend that the universe is a neverending beginning and ending, so that has always existed and will always exist, is like a Moebius strip that has no beginning nor an end and only then start and stop another cycle begins .

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