Astral Travel

There are some people who born with the power of being able to astral travel without even knowing it is an astral travel and discover myriad of sensations that can only be perceived at this level vibration.

What is astral travel? Before answering that question we have to know what is the astral plane, which is nothing more than the spiritual world or universe supraphisic. The inhabitants of the astral world are spiritual entities. The astral plane, therefore, is synonymous with spiritual or supraphisic.

Being in the astral plane you have a greater vision because we do not have the limitations of the physical plane that are bounded by the 5 senses and 3 dimensions. As far as traveling in the astral plane is free to move anywhere, to feel that because fleets do not have weight and move at the speed of thought.

The astral travel can be an apprenticeship or service. In the first case, when our travels essence, is incorporating all the experience that goes in the places we are visiting.

In the latter case, astral travel is scheduled and can contact people who need some kind of spiritual help (in this case we communicate with their causal body and we can send them concepts that can help them) or to others who need healing (in this case we can send green energy colour).

In order to be clearer, in the majority of astral travel we do not meet any task for two reasons: 1) It is generally done during the night and our inner being confused with astral travel dream a fantasy.

2) Almost all the "astral travelers" may be unaware that can helping others or learn different things during that trip.

Astral travel can be: Collective, Unconscious, Conscious, induced by hypnosis. The practice of astral departure begins a while before its effective implementation. Only one body and one spirit for the well-trained technical preparations may reach its target, and protected with the certainty of not having a simple and banal episode of suggestion.

It is essential to learn the art of relaxation and controlled breathing, concentration, visualization, memory, and the projection of the will.

All these practices are important to develop a real and effective astral travel.

The technique of traveling in the astral plane is a good way to know us and foremost the spiritual world and to feel closer to God's creation and learn more about everything that surrounds us. This trip can be done in most anyone, provided they are consistent and dedicated practice is necessary to carry it out.


  1. Interesting post Carlos. It makes me reconsider my dreams in light of this theory.

  2. Yo soy mas ortodoxo en estos asuntos,para mi las visiones, los viajes astrales, etc... No son mas que viles asomos esquizofrenicos.
    Delirios que acompañan al colectivo humano desde mucho tiempo, en ese afan de trascener la física.
    Yo sueño que puedo volar muy raras veces, pero como lo disfruto!!


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