Apolo 17

Whenever we talk about mission to the moon comes to mind the name of Neil Armstrong for being the first man to step on our satellite, but maybe very few people know but who has so far been the last man in treading the Moon. The merit lies with Eugene A. CERN, who was the commander of the Apollo 17 mission which was his last mission into space before his retirement.

This mission had the following objectives: * Exploration and sampling of the lunar surface in the area Taurus - Littrow * Installation and activation of experiments on the lunar surface which re-transmit the Earth constantly. * Conducting experiments in orbit and capturing pictures of the landing zone.

Technical Details of the trip: Launch date: 07 December 1972 (05:33 GMT) Lunar Landing Date: December 11, 1972 (19:54 GMT) Place of landing: Taurus - Littrow Back to Earth: December 19, 1972 (19:24 GMT) Rocket used: Saturn V Launch site: Kennedy Space Center PAD 39A

The question that a lot of people make is why have not been made more trips to the Moon? There are many theories that in another post will be publish.

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