Postmortem Experience

An increasing number of people who, having had a near death experience, then reported seeing their relatives who came to receive them. The question a lot of people make, obviously, is whether what they saw was a reality or a hallucination.

Many scientists argue that this effect that the person dying is perceived by the brain to experience a lack of oxygen creates state as a last resort a state of relaxation by releasing substances that help the hallucinations that seeks to alleviate the state in which the individual is.

Spiritualists, however, believe that this is because in essence we are like that energy, that energy when rid of the body produces a whole series of images where a lot of people see a tunnel of light at the end where they always expected one or more persons that in life were related.

What if it's true on this issue, is that someday, sooner or later we will live that experience and then we will know whether it was true or not everything we have heard about this issue, because we want it or not, there's only one thing that we have sure when somebody have born is the death.

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