Bermuda Triangle

Also known as "Devil´s Triangle" covers an area stretching from Florida to Bermuda, Puerto Rico and back to Florida. It is in this area where supposedly sank the legendary "Atlantis". According to legend the ancients Atlantes that used a huge crystals as they Power sources of electricity and now some psychics around the world hold the theory that these powerful crystals plunged from more than 10000 years ago, are the cause of the strange phenomena that happen in this ravaged area of the ocean.

Has been the favorite place for lovers of the paranormal to point out that throughout this area there are dimensional doors, and a lot of people thinks can travel to the future or the past and can travel to other parallel worlds to ours, fascinating, isn´t it?

A common denominator in the Triangle, are as strange storms, electromagnetic disturbances, compasses and turning wild, suspension in propulsion systems ... All logic apparent whether any explanation. Still, pilots, fishermen and Travellers and generally are reluctant to report their experiences, for fear of being branded like liars or crazy.

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