Back to the Future

Sometimes reality surpasses fiction like in this story could be seen outlined below. A group of Australians, Americans and Asians have lived together in the depths of the jungles of Borneo, after his plane crashed 27 years ago. Now, returning, but in the future.

On March 24, 1973 the authorities said the DC-6 plane, which was heading from Singapore to Manila, Philippines-had disappeared along with the crew and 47 passengers. On June 26 this year, these men and women-and children who have grown up over these 27 years-have been found by a reconnaissance team, 100 miles west of Bontang. "We were told that the plane flipped outside the route during a storm and followed an easterly direction, towards Borneo, "said Teck Loong, a spokesman filipino civil aviation familiar with the story of survivors." The pilot apparently crashed and landed in a mountainous region outside the east coast of Borneo. As far as I know, forty people, including three or possibly four Americans, survived the accident. Some of them were sent to find a path to the civilization, but the forest was too dense. Never found anything . "Information sources close to the survivors say the group will be advised and that receive government assistance to help in the transition to modern life.

Survivors recall the sixties and seventies of the principle-the days when Nixon was president, Archie Bunker on TV a success with All in The Family, and years in which the opposition against the Vietnam War was beginning!. "It was days simpler, "said Loong. "And children who were born in the jungle have never seen anything like automobiles, airplanes or telephones" They need a greater adjustment, they will have to learn how to live in a world that has come to theirs side. "According to Loong, survivors tried to find their way back to civilization in the years following the accident, but were forced back by the rugged and impassable terrain and the fierce tribes of head hunters who inhabited the area. "savages killed, At least a dozen of the original survivors, "said Long .. "After a while, the rest was afraid to leave the scene of the accident and decided to settle there." They built cottages, elected leaders and divided the work and tasks, such as hunting and cooking, to increase their chances of survival. "After a few years of the accident, the survivors managed to create a comfortable life around them. Equip a system of channeling water as using bamboo pipes. "They weaved with theirs clothing fibers from plants of the jungle, where they learned how to collect the best fruits and captured and domesticated small mammals of the jungle". "Some time later, some of survivors married and had children. ageing, some died, but those who survived never forgot where they came from. "" When the survey team found them, acted as if they were released from a prison. Many of them cried for joy " . Loong said that the 32 men, women and children have been brought to Singapore, where they are conducting physical and psychological evaluations. So far only revealed the names of seven of the supervivientes. They are: Harold Betts, 55, of Darwin, Australia; Marcia Mefwen, 53, of Los Angeles, California; Dominique Fried, 67, and Caroline Smith, 48, Sydney, Australia; Carl Hall, 41, of Chicago; Linda Seminar, 49, of Miami, and Cedric Rugis, 72, of Hong Kong. According to new reports, survivors were shocked by modern life, especially with new technology such as personal computers and the Internet, the collapse of the Soviet Union and the growing power of China, changing fashions and the emergence of new and frightening diseases like sida. Carl Hall, the only survivor who has consented to interview said that is still shocked by the changes. "Where we lived we were totally isolated, with the unique sights and sounds of nature around us," he said. "Our life was nice and slowly, and our relationship very, very close." "Now we are back in the stressful world where everyone is eating at all and we do not know what to expect. We are glad to finally return home, but that means that our group was divided and we know that this is not going to be easy. " What will think when they see on television programs that could have aided their quest and who are dedicated to creating similes of their situation for entertainment? Are They will know already that Lennon is dead?

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