The Time Machine

When I was a child I always thought in a fantasy one of the first we came to mind was to have a power device, or in other words a machine that could carry either to the past and the future. At the last to see how events actually occurred and the future will be like to see the world in the years ahead.

The time machine has always been favourite theme of science fiction writers and scientists have always sought various theories, formulas and plateamientos to at least take this fantastic aura that surrounds the mere talk of creating a machine that we make travelers time.

There are, however, certain paradoxes that before creating such a machine should analyse deeply, such as the grandmother paradox, which poses the hypothetical situation that the passenger's travel time to the past and was found with his grandfather before knowing her grandmother and thus was born before his father and killed him. If his grandfather kills his father and then could not be born and not born traveler and could not exist nor the fact that travel in time and kill his grandfather.

Despite this theory advocates travel time argue the possibility that will be created with actions such as alternate universes as escape route to events like that.

There may be parallel universes, and at the time that travels in time and kill your grandfather, you will in a parallel universe in which you are never conceived. However, continue to exist in your original universe, but does not exist in the universe that originated at killing your grandfather.

It is possible that the universe does not have an absolute timeline, which remains unchanged after the events occur (or, in a deterministic point of view, since the beginning of time). Instead, each particle has its own timeline and thus humans also have it.

The physical forces affect physical particles. If the particles of your physical body traveling back in time, you can kill your grandfather (no physical force prevented what you) and not get anything physical as a result, because there is no physical forces that can understand what happened, and this new timeline is developed simply because the universe has no mechanism to undo. Your future I do not need birth to meet the fate of back in time, because there is no absolute timelines to be met. If you were able to find and observe the current versions of your future particles, will also physical laws, and therefore not I will become your future (because your parents will not be there to create). This theory is similar to the theory of parallel universes, except it happens in one universe. It is clear that this theory is gaining adherents among scientists, especially those who argue that the different possible quantum states exist simultaneously, and that collapse and to examine what was achieved is to choose what we were universe.

One way to understand this could be Einstein's theory that energy is converted into something else, does not go away. If one travels in time and avoids the birth itself need not disappear as if by magic, would continue to exist but perhaps with a difference, perhaps oneself is the only one who is aware of its existence, and everyone else ever would have learned that one existed.

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  1. This an interesting post, but please I beg you don't kill your grandfather!


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