Dimension Doors

Long time ago I read an article in which the writer talked about really surprising facts, which described events that could leave much for anyone perplexed by what it was fantastic for human reasoning. This is the case with dimensional doors, which are nothing more than holes or timeless circuits that can be located anywhere in nature.

Many claim that are created by magnetic forces that have been conditioned to a certain place and are the main feature being a vehicle, that in the best case you can be transported to a different place and in the worst of them to take a gravitational pull so high that you immediately would die.

One of the most curious cases and shocking is that happened in a small town in Canary Islands, Spain, called Barranco de Badajoz.

We look back to 1905. It is said that parents of a girl sent her daughter to ravine in search of fruit but it disappeared and never returned to his home. The area was completely tracked by neighbours and friends of parents, that looked desperate to find the little girl without anywhere. Finally, discouraged, they closed the case and the child was a missing person. Several years later, 1958 to be specific, the girl returned to her home, amazingly with the same dress that she had wore that day to look for fruit, as if the years had not elapsed for her. The girl told the stunned villagers who had reached the ravine looking for fruit that her parents had commissioned, which was collected and pears way to her house. She thought it had spent only a few hours, but had spent more than 50 years.

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  1. Sounds like the story Lewis Carol's book Alice through the Looking Glass!


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