The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was a topsecret project undertaken by the United States in 1943. In 1979 was the subject of a book written by Charles Berlitz entitled "Without track" and many others, as well as countless films.

The purpose of this experiment was done in this area of the ship invisible to radar, obviously for weapons purposes. The experiment failed because the vessel, strictly speaking, not become invisible as expected, but literally disappeared from the physical plane and its subject matter was 1 transmutation next to the plane, the vibratory level 2 (where dwell the spirits of error). Obviously, at this level 2, the vessel was not reproduced as is, because at this level vibratory no matter, but are represented or reflected by lights.

You can illustrate this idea with the computer: If someone wants to move a drawing done in Korel incompatible with a programme such as Word, to open it will not appear in the drawing itself, but its representation through signs. This is what happened with the ship, but not only doubling its representation. Despite some suspicions about extraterrestrial intervention, the Philadelphia Experiment was conducted solely by U.S. and German scientists, recent U.S. sympathizers since this country was at war with Germany.

The Germans who collaborated in the experiment were horrified by the massacres of Nazism and saw in the United States the country with the highest possibility to pause. Charles Berlitz spoke in his book of a mysterious character named Allen, but was not mysterious extraterrestrial or, as some authors speculated, but merely a collaborator of the project. The vessel on which the plane disappeared experienced physical and moved in a representative manner, the next level, where he was a few moments and then returned to the physical plane, in a different place from where it departed, located several miles.

Neither returned as they departed, because there was no perfect unification. A simile, to understand what happened, it can also give the example just mentioned: if the drawing represented in Word of signs we want to move back to Korel, and for some reason the computer does not work well, the result will be a disaster. This is what happened with the vessel and crew. The ship, badly rearmament caught crew cut in half with steel, as was, for example, on one side of the wall head and torso and hand across the rest, a circumstance that led to his immediate disembodied. Other crew members died completely disfigured by the great heat generated by the change of plane.

The experiment proved unsuccessful, ultimately, because it failed to meet the requirements needed unified field theory, which Einstein had outlined to operate successfully, because the magnets that had not provided enough magnetism to generate a balance, and to have imbalance in the transustanciaciĆ³n, the vessel is rearming wrong with the disastrous consequences outlined. The project was abandoned for economic reasons and was shelved as a material ultrasecreto. This is all the mystery.

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