Spontaneous Human Combustion

There's a topic that is really surprising and rather frightening what is the Spontaneous Human Combustion which is a phenomenon that science has not yet succeeded in explaining. The phenomenon occurs when a human body, so usual alive, begins to burn in a sudden, without an external source of ignition known, it appears the fire was caused by heat generated internally, through some dark mechanism and indeterminate.
The cases are always presented as follows: in unexpected ways, the victim explodes in flames, the fire appears suddenly and without any cause, is very intense localized, in a very short lapse of time, minutes or even seconds, body was almost completely destroyed and reduced to a small pile of grayish ash. The victim does not have the slightest chance to ask for help or make a call. While the objects that are located near of the victim left the scene without even having been fire at its side, but the oddest thing is that nothing else in the room was damaged. All is in the right place, as if nothing has happened, including some extremely fuel as a stack of newspapers or a box of matches, on numerous occasions, the victim's clothes are relatively little damaged. When it is not destroyed, the skull is shrunk to a size implausible. A layer of soot tends to be greasy deposited on the walls and ceiling of the room.

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