The Secret Code Of The Bible

The code was discovered in the Hebrew version of the Old Testament (Torah), eliminating the spaces between words and turning the text into a single strand of 304,805 letters. The computer scans this long strip in search of words and phrases that he was entering the program. It begins with the first letter, first run, then jumping from a letter, after two, and so on until completion. Then remake the same process starting from the second letter, and then from the other to finish. This is called ELS (Equidistant Letter Sequences) which means "equidistant letter sequences, which are then reorders for submission as a parent or crossword puzzle, as shown in the drawing of the head of the post. Is important to make a clarification: the code discovered has been confirmed by mathematical non-believers and codification of Pentagon specialists, in addition to having been tested in other texts, checking that only in the Bible is this phenomenon.

The code recounts events that occurred long after it was written the Bible. It shows full names, dates, places and other salient features of each of the events. Some of the events that tells the hidden text are: - "Shakespeare", "carried scene", "Macbeth", "Hamlet" - "Assassination of Rabin", "Amir" (name of the murderer of Israeli prime minister), " Tel Aviv "," 5,756 "(Year Jewish equivalent to 1.995-1.996). -- "Hitler", "wicked man", "Nazi and enemy", "massacre" - "Edison", "electricity", "light bulb" - "Wright Brothers", "airplane" - "Newton", "gravity" - " Clinton "," president "--

The Israeli secret service (Mossad) were aware of this magnificent discovery, and has even warned that Yitzhak Rabin's fate that awaited according to the scriptures. Rabin ignored warnings from their intelligence service, warning that unfortunately became reality. It was also noted that following the untimely resignation of prime minister-elect, Benjamin Netanyahu, is that the book was also written his death, because of another attack. Nethanyahu resigned, and soon after was found written on the same puzzle, the word "postponed". The word "delayed" can be found on numerous occasions in the hidden text, mostly on the themes of the end of the world, it would have been postponed several times in recent years: the late eighties, 1,998 and again in coming years.

The code also gives the date of the definitive end of the world, "neither more nor less than in the year 2,012 Yes, in the year 2,012 is the year that the Mayans predicted that ultimately the world, so it did not make any subsequent calendar in that year. When less is curious that macabre coincidence. This information is uncovered journalist Michael Drosnin, in his book "The Secret Code of the Bible", where you can find much more information. It seems that the veracity of the code will remain a secret for us, at least until 2,012, which will discover if everything is a farce or indeed the world has come to an end.

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