The UFOs

Acronym of unidentified flying object that is nothing more than any object or light in the sky not immediately explicable by the observer. The appearances of unusual aerial phenomena can be traced back to antiquity, but the unidentified flying objects (UFOs, also called flying saucers) have begun to discuss extensively from the first U.S. appearance, very contained, in 1947. Since then, there has been reporting on thousands of occurrences of this kind worldwide.

Most of the sightings of UFOs could be identified as conventional objects, but often such identification has required a great deal of time in research. Most of the time UFOs appear to be bright planets or stars, airplanes, birds, balloons, satellites or shooting stars.

Some people believe that UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft, although there is no valid scientific evidence to support this belief. The possibility of extraterrestrial civilizations is not the obstacle, most scientists admit the possibility that intelligent life exists somewhere else in the Universe. However, not yet have a photograph of an object resembling a ship that can convince us that it was a UFO.

A lot of believers more imaginative claim that could be travelers who come from to the future to observe how the past was and who knows whether to revise one another fact.

Nevertheless, enthusiasm for UFOs and some still remain even have been abducted and taken aboard a UFO. Nobody has been able to provide scientifically acceptable evidence of this information and the big question that we all do: Why are not presented in public and are presented as beings from another planet who come to meet us.

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