Parallel Universes

The idea of parallel universes refers to the existence of alternate realities to ours with different physical laws. It is one of the forecasts of some of the latest versions of the abstruse and yet experimentally verified theory filaments.
2. In regard to the literature of science fiction, is often related to the concept of travel time. Thus, if a traveler who succeed move on its own line of time, come to jump from universe to another, this idea achieved resolve the paradox of the grandfather, which he said: If a time traveler could go to the past, and murdered his grandfather, this traveler not to be born and unborn, it would not be possible that this subject has traveled in time. However, in an alternate reality or parallel universe, the traveler could interact with his "grandfather" or even make disappear, and the traveler would continue to exist, because change a reality different from theirs, which originally departed, or be trapped in limbo. One consequence of these trips would be for the individual traveler would not be possible return to the reality of that originally departed. So, the question is not solve of whether parallel universes exist right now with our reality, or arise from time to change the time line, following a trip in space time. The existence of alternate realities or parallel universes leads to the perception that time and space are even more complex than some theories that explain the curved space.

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