Alternative Worlds II

I have heard and read about alternate worlds, but without a doubt one of the theories that called my attention and which I confess fascinated Is the one that tells of the creation of worlds that are created at the time of having to take a great decision in our lives. If you understood what was a clear I will say as an example, a person is faced with making a decision very importante in your life that can affect not only the fate that all those who are their relatives, suppose that decision is leaving the job for x cause, when that person resign irrevocably created a parallel world in which the work will continue in that job and will continue living their life. This theory may perceive as the reader will create thousands and thousands of alternate universes with every second by the millions and millions of person who inhabit this world, but according to this theory these worlds are drying up, or rather are disappearing as well occurring in dimension in that form.

Here I put an article published on page Elron group in which deepens over the issue.

When we speak of the known universe we know is that within the space and time, according to this picture, the past and the future are as real as this. So it appears that things do not happen in space-time simply are. However, when all speak on the physical plane of time, refer to it in two ways: 1) the apparent existence of a now or this moment. 2) as a flow or movement from the past into the future. With reference to 1, actually does not exist today. Yes - some say - is what separates the past from the future. But every moment of time is the present moment "when it occurs." And what is actually that this course? A second, a tenth of a second, one-thousandth of a second or a fraction of time even lower? Then the "Now" is merely a way to label the moment. I now turn to paragraph 2: Is it a flow that moves regularly by the fourth dimension? According to quantum physics, this explanation of movement in the mean time another time, the external espaciotiempo, which would measure the flow.

At the physical level, people think that the clock that takes time or flow measures the speed at which moves, when in reality the clock measured intervals of time, not the speed of time. In the world of objective espaciotiempo, which includes all events of all time, there is no past, present or future. Not the way we want to interpret moments. For as defined left and right directions, not places; in the same way, past and future directions defining moments and not temporary. The notion of espaciotiempo is complex for the present time. But even more complex is the notion of a superespacio. The same containing-dried and infinite dimensional space would be known three-dimensional projection of superespacio said. Tries to explain: when human beings as well as embodied in the physical plane watch a movie and watch two-dimensional images of it, the world is three-dimensional accord composed of a projection made from a supermundo. Before they spoke of the concept of time and superespacio. Now I shall talk of parallel universes and possible universes. Both worlds are alternative, but viewed from a different perspective. The parallel universes are similar at all: have the same physical laws, were created at the same time, all are inhabited and we know that there are parallel universes 22 in total. All are independent and realities, while on a planet Earth allies won the 2 nd World War in the mid-twentieth century, in another planet Earth def Nazism. On a personal level passes something similar, because in a world can become a doctor, married with 2 children and the other executive, divorced, childless. And in another universe, even has incarnated ... or have already died. Instead, the universes are possible alternatives other than reality. The possible worlds are formed due to the quantum indeterminacy, which creates uncertainty as to situations and decisions. Each alternative that is opening a new future and shape (necessarily) a new world possible. We are other realities. They provided an example that gives me Paul Davies: Imagine a world where you had an accident happened to one of our ancestors ten thousand years ago. If in this world all their descendants are now living mind, not exist in this alternate reality. I try to be as clear as possible explanations. In other words, there is a multidimensional superespacio constraints impede your grasping, in the same way as an alleged two-dimensional creature living on certain surface could not catch up or down. There are multiple universes (alternative), which are formed moment to moment, to identify someone to follow a pattern or make a decision. And there are parallel universes, in turn, develop various alternative worlds.

Finally, and here comes the hardest, when God created the universe known, is done with certain laws that are inherent to it, like gravity, magnetism or nuclear forces. But there are other laws that physicists ignored because obviously have not developed. And those laws that theoretically were immutable, will be modified. I give an example: it was said that only the Logos Dimensional (and I assume also the Elohim) had the power to "pass" a parallel universe. Well, now we know that in your future, quantum physics is so advanced that human beings of planet Earth will be able to travel to other universes .... And as God allows free will, the law of alternate universes cease to be independent! By quantum physics will create a computer so complex that, in turn, can decode a living organism and translate information to an electronic system. The decoded message may pass through tiny worm or worm holes, which are in the quantum foam in the same way that the holes in your cheese. Then, that electronic information is coded in a parallel universe ...

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