What are Parallel Worlds

The parallel worlds is a fascinating topic that fascinates anyone. There are several concepts that are lost in the imagination of those who defend these theories. It is an issue that belongs to esoteric knowledge, that has been treated by science fiction and that has prompted scientists, philosophers and men of science to spread on the most diverse theories and assumptions in this respect, both with regard to the nature of Categories such as also in terms of its location regarding our known universe.

The reality is infinitely diverse, ingenious escapes deductions of abstract thought, does not support the classification close and accurate. The reality tends to split perpetual, the infinite variety. There is an unlimited number of universes, and in reality there is no such thing as the past, present and future, as we perceive us. What is happening now has already happened and is about to happen. Past, Present and Future merge into one, in the Eternal Present. Exist other planes parallel to ours. Life is a school where we walk toward the path of Light. But if our life on earth would be limited to a single "incarnation", our evolution would be severely limited. There are flat and parallel universes to which we are now, and into them, in many cases, we happen very similar circumstances, we will continue happening until we finish to understand and act appropriately in them.

Life is a single life, but with our mind we can divide in the infinite aspects. And the way we are, how we live in any of the planes which we live, directly affects the rest of the planes. A person who is conscious and work properly in a determined universe, and solved positively the circumstances and problems they face, poured over himself, in the rest of the flat where he works, said, happiness, and certainly not What better way to help themselves. Humans, in addition to wonder about the role of these "worlds", we want to know their location, we want to know where they are. Here all the words are small and inappropriate, so we must wait for one's own spiritual experience we confirm the existence of these worlds. Yes, these other worlds, but are in it.

Strangers events.

And Now, we present some events, some known, others less, which suggests something closely related to the dimensions and parallel worlds. There are several facts concerning disappearances of persons, objects, etc.., Without leaving any trace and also others where there have been unforeseen occurrences, apparently arising from the time both of the past or future. In the city of South Bend, state of Indiana, USA. A fact happened in other unusual and amazing.It was the Eve of the year 1890; Tom Lerch, head of the family, was at her home surrounded by friends and other members, including his son Oliver, 20 year-old who later part in a trip, perhaps, without return. There were approximately ten p.m. and his mother was making arrangements for dinner, when it was asked Oliver to the well seeking water, he wore his overcoat and left the house. Not much time had elapsed when suddenly people gathered there heard a terrifying scream, which could recognize the anguished voice of Oliver asking for help, shouting repeatedly: "Help, I have grasped." Relief, relief, "his voice came Now from heaven, but it was not absolutely nothing, despite the illumination of the moon.

The subsequent search did not lead to anything that might reveal what happened, it was only as evidence the footsteps of Oliver in the direction of the pit, but at a certain location abruptly desapear .In this case have been presented several scenarios, two of which are the most commonly referred: it would be a possible abduction by an extraterrestrial craft, or the shift to an unknown dimension.

There's another case in the newspaper "La Razon" of May 21, 1974, reads as follows: "Bogota ( AFP). An Euadorian bus with 67 students and teachers is lost this Sunday from Colombian territory. The vehicle had left Tulcan (Ecuador) to Grass and Ipiales (Colombia) on the border of the two countries, headed by Professor Ricardo Espina. Civil Defence Patrols began the search for the hikers with whom any contact was lost since the start of their journey. "This information came after two days of notification of the disappearance of this large group, there were no reports nothing more. For more than two centuries, exactly in the year 1707, Archduke Charles was preparing to invade Spain. A large contingent consists of about four thousand soldiers had camped on a plain near the Pyrenees, their mission was to continue their march to another day due to these mountains. Such which it planned to set up camp next day and undertook the march. Shortly after his departure and absolute clarity "simply" disappeared, without being anything at the scene, as if they had crossed the threshold of the invisible and undetectable, maybe a door dimensional?.

Another published in newspapers in November 1965, reads: "A Douglas DC-4 aircraft, T-48 Air Force Argentina fell into the Caribbean Sea, after took off of Panama, its 69 crew members disappearing: officers and cadets Military Aviation School of Cordoba. "We performed an extensive and prolonged search in areas of Costa Rica, without leaving any surplus; only knew that the plane with all its crew had disappeared; have not found anything that could reveal a possible accident. In the book "The World of Psychic Phenomena", or "The World of psychic phenomena", by F. Edsall, a case that is telling others it is about the emergence and materialization of a group of Soldiers in tough contest. This took place in Keiton, England, was days before Christmas, when shortly after midnight, peasants in the area awakened to the noise that seemed to produce firearms and murmurs of struggle, left their homes and amazed could see nothing less than the materialization of soldiers entangled in a fierce battle. According to their flags and clothing were identified as the troops of Parliament and the Royal Army of Charles I. After two hours of fierce fighting troops Parliament defeated completely the Royal Army, in the midst of triumph and joy of the victors all faded, leaving the place as if nothing had happened, calm in the village of Keiton was reborn. The same thing happened twice more, the next two days.

The astounding success of this lies in the fact that these farmers and villagers witnessed something that had not happened to them, this was the battle of Edge Hill, waged in the same village, but, paradoxically, after being seen by these Persons on October 23 of 1642. Without the possibility of an unlikely collective hallucination or psychosis, as it clearly in the conditions under which the event is somewhat difficult to occur, one could say that this appearance came in reality of the time, a parallel universe or a dimension which, like so many things at the moment we do not know. A story published in the Sunday Express of London, on 21 September 1924, says: "On July 24 1924, while continuing hostilities between Arabs and Englishmen, the English headquarters sent the pilot officer D. Stewart and the lieutenant William Day on special mission in the desert of Mesopotamia, the purpose of the flight was to carry out a reconnaissance of the area , without intervening in any way in the battle. After several hours of waiting, the General Command began to fear a possible accident, because the plane did not return.

After a few hours more, who believed prudent to wait, was ordered search. Tracking the region could finally give the plane, which was in perfect condition; did nothing to indicate a possible attack, it was strange that the two crew members were not in place. Shortly after footprints were discovered that corresponded to Both pilots were followed, and at a distance of about fifty meters, abruptly disappear, do not exist in the vicinity any trace. A truly baffling case. Could they deal with the passage to another dimension, a parallel world or perhaps teleportation? An act similar to occurred in 1707 which is staged infants Japanese during World War II. This happened on an island in the Pacific, while a company of marines was army; one of the company complete their movements "disappeared" before the eyes of naive hundreds of soldiers who watched the maneuvers, was in a blink of an eye, "were, instantly and were not more". It seems to happen, and in all cases was something of this interview, that on occasion, mysterious doors open to "swallow" something of our world or our universe. Obviously there are certain conditions that must be taken to effectuate the passage of something or someone in this world to another "parallel" and recíprocamente.Otro well-known mystery and commented is the island of St. Brendan. This island has been appearing and disappearing for centuries, could see opportunity in every few minutes. In the Middle Ages knew of this island; sometimes went so far as to organize expeditions to go in his conquista. One of the most recent appearances was recorded on April 26, 1967, was seen by thousands of inhabitants of Hierro, one of the islands in the archipelago of the Canaries. It is said that perhaps the island of San Brandán escape a Parallel World, to appear in ours and finally return to their origin.

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