EVP's, Voices from Beyond

EVP Recorder Electronic Voice Phenomeon EVP are supposed to sound (including voice, choir, animals, etc.) that are imperceptible to the human ear but which supposedly would be recorded in recording devices of any kind, such as analog recorders, MP3 players, PC's, etc. It is important to note that the EVP is included in the so-called parapsychological phenomenon of instrumental transcommunication (TCI), which we can say that this communication system with hypothetical beings or entities perceive, using apparatus.

The alleged phenomenon was discovered by chance. There are many theories and stories about how, who and where would have happened. The most accepted story is that the driver of its existence was a producer of documentaries and opera singer, Friedrich Jurgenson.

In the summer on his vacation of 1959, being next to Monica, his wife, tried to register the finch bird song for a documentary. It had before it a small tape recorder magnetic recording near a forest outside his home and was silent as the sound of birds was recorded on the equipment, doing multiple takes. Friedich JurgensonDecided to hear inside the house, played the tape and began, he says, to hear the recorded and check that there had been no error. The audio was crisp and perfect listening to the chirping of birds, but found that the recording apparently someone imitated the chirping of birds, ruining the shot, and then listen to the voice of someone speaking in Norwegian, commenting on Finch chirping. Dismissed the recording, thinking that someone had inserted into the area where he was, without Jürgenson would know it. The next day he repeated the operation recorded in the same area, taking care that no one went in several tens of meters from the recorder, and again, to play the recording, along with the song of the finch, a new voice was perfectly but this time he thought he recognized the voice of his mother, who died, saying something that only they knew: the family pet name and her mother called. According Jürgenson in the recording sounded something like my little Friedel Friedel ... ... Can you hear me?.

How to record an EVP? You can use a stream recorder to record "electronic voice", but in general, the better the recorder device you will get better results. Devices that have volume controls, tone and level make it much easier to decipher the voices, and a good pair of headphones is essential.

Experts agree that the best time for experiments is between sunset and sunrise. Most researchers prefer to work in a quiet room, but a portable field recorder can achieve good results, as demonstrated by Jurgenson.

Raudive recommended recording date and time before each experiment, followed by an invitation to the voices manifest. Each recording session should last no longer than two minutes, because that requires intense concentration.

The basic recording methods can be used are three:

In the first, simply connecting the recorder, press the record button and then ask questions out loud that are recorded on paper.

In the second method preliminary announcements are recorded through the microphone, and then disconnected, connecting a radio in place. The radio is tuned between frequencies in a band of white noise, and set the recording level midway between the maximum and minimum.

The third method requires a receiver diodes, small set of crystals that connects the recorder instead of the microphone. The recording level is set to maximum. According to Raudive, with the latter method produces the best results: the voices are slower, clear and natural.

And if you dare doing that, what would you ask to the voices from beyond?

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