Past Life Regression Therapy

Regression therapy or Past life therapy is a tool of hypnosis, which allows the patient to remember and relive situations, experiences, traumas forgotten past life or "past lives" that are stored in the unconscious .

There are theories about regression therapy, which they say or affirm the existence of reincarnation. While other specialists advocate the theory that the emergence of problems and conflicts that leave an imprint energy that can be traced from the unconscious and rejecting the existence of reincarnation.

The belief in past lives is very old, however the methods of exploration and corroboration of this belief are modern. Many researchers use a process of mind awake / body asleep called hypnosis. Hypnosis helps you get to impressions in the memory into the memory banks that are in the depths. The inner mind resembles a library where all knowledge is stored and available for use. It is as vast as eternity, yet profound and simple.

However, this technique requires practice to go where a person really qualified because these experiences can revive unpleasant memories that instead of doing good can do much damage.

In a previous life may well have been a man and woman, king and beggar, farmer and philosopher, etc. All persons who have made it, tell a sensation as if they were watching a movie, rather, as if they were spectators, much more real and vivid than a dream. Fascinating, doesn't it? And what do you think you've been in another life? I think for sure I was a king, hahahah.

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