Hercolubus or The Red Planet

Hercolubus the red planet
An alleged wandering planet known since antiquity as the delight Hercólubus by doomsday writers who always see in the future destruction and death. According to serious study and research, the planet entered to the Earth's orbit Hercólubus 13,000 years ago and would have caused the end of Atlantis. Now, It would be coming back to Earth with a mission as short as noble: to introduce mankind to the new millennium, or a new era.

"A giant asteroid could hit Earth in 2014" and "NegritaThe Earth Under Attack." They referred to the asteroid 2003-QQ47, that with approximately 1066 m wide is directed toward our planet and may impact on 21 March 2014.

Although the spaces between these bodies and the Earth are so great that the frequency of impacts does not go beyond a one in 909.000 of possibilities, astronomers are watching through programs such as NEO (for its initials in English: Near-Earth Objects), dedicated to observe, track and search for asteroids that might pose a threat to our planet by observing different regions of the sky. Each time you discover one, made new measurements to determine its preliminary orbit, which is adjusting to the passing of time and the accumulation of a greater number of observations.

Although the current situation only allows 2003-QQ47 shock indicate possibilities based on a very preliminary orbit, the danger persists. This information hits, but it's nothing compared to a much greater threat. One that does not appear in the newspapers. One of the few speakers. One who whispers in very tight circles, but which clearly appears to be real. It is the world's approximately Hercólubus, which very well could be announced Revelation to mankind. That fatal moment portrayed in the Bible that all life will be erased from the face of the Earth. The issue is not new, but charges would be effective because the deadline to be fulfilled.

ancient prophecies
According to many ancient prophecies, this mysterious celestial body, also called Red Planet, is coming dangerously close to Earth with an imminent threat of extermination of human life. Not because of a collision, but the action of its huge gravitational field when it passes near Earth orbit. To be the same distance that the sun is the Earth and pass through an angle of our solar system, would cause many earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other disasters increasingly intense, as deadly epidemics that no one will know how to heal, intense heat and dry the fields of life and lead to an overwhelming hunger and a growing darkness. This, in turn, lead to mental imbalance and the overwhelming mass uncontrolled human masses.

The final cataclysm would occur when the planet reaches its closest approach to Earth, with the shift of the axes of rotation of the planet Ecuador will become the Poles and the Poles will become in Ecuador. Oceans, violently expelled from their beds by these cosmic forces, submerge the entire planet. To sample the tsunami on Sunday December 26, 2004 in South Asia has accelerated the Earth's rotation and shorten the day in three microseconds, as stated by the geophysicist Richard Gross of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) U.S. space agency NASA.

Because of the slight flattening of the poles caused by the tsunami in Asia, the Earth now spins a little faster than they did before and the day length decreased by 2.68 microseconds (3 millionths of a second).

And what is even worse, because as the planet approaches the Earth, its gravitational attraction huge appeal to the molten magma to the Earth's surface by increasing the number and intensity of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions, which reach magnitudes never seen before . When occurs closer to the Earth would produce the final cataclysm, with the overturning of earth rotation axis and causing pandemonium among all the inhabitants of the world would be unbearable, imagine the amount of acts that people do brake because he knows he is violating the law. And what would you do if you knew that all mankind and our planet would be destroyed?.

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