Ghost Appearances

Since ancient times when man developed the ability to make logical thoughts, has always cultivated the idea of life after death. This is no doubt that humans strong attachment we develop for our loved ones, friends or simply acquaintances.

Because the subject of apparitions and ghosts lacks a scientific explanation, and databases to check its existence no doubt, science has ridiculed paranormal researchers always attributed to addiction or fear of the unknown.

There are many theories to explain what a ghost is, and perhaps the most popular is that it tells us that this is a type of energy, belonging to every human being, which manifests after death.

This theory takes its basis in the Act Lavoissier: nothing is created or destroyed, everything changes. When a person dies, that energy which to live, to be released from the physical body, floating in the atmosphere and is what many people look like ghosts.

This urban legends add that these people are attached in the middle where they work, because even supposedly had no time for their death and so trapped in that state until they become aware that they no longer belong to this plane.

We are surrounded by phenomena that can not see with the naked eye and ideally we can contact them, and perhaps we can have a better awareness of what we run across after leaving to live in this physical world. Many think they know the truth, may be right, but what is salvageable conclusion that each person gets for themself.

Can you believe that at this very moment something is watching you? Do not look around, probably already gone ...

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