The Destiny, could be change it?

destiny Historically man has sought ways of knowing that lies ahead. Many of these forms have been searching through oracles, rituals or through amazing drinks that are supposed to carry the individual in a trance.

What is the destiny: it is an inevitable succession of events occurring in a different place and time but once together form a single result in a not too distant future when they happen to others.

Opinion is divided as to the freedom that an individual may have through their decisions to build its destination, since it also theorizes the possibility of absolute predestination to the decisions that each individual made, followed by this means consciously or unconsciously process of predestination.

The theory of causation states: "Every action has a reaction, two equal shares have the same reaction," unless they are combined together by various causes unpredictable results in our eyes.

Nothing exists by chance just as nothing is created from nothing. Everything has a cause, and if you have a cause was destined to exist from the time the cause arose. That is why the chance is also called, causality. Due to the overwhelming number of cases is unimaginably vast, it is impossible to know them all and link them together.

From a religious point of view the target is a plan created by God, yet can not be modified in any way.

Others think that the self-forged destiny, be done with actions in childhood or later do. The fate of the hand is the free will. Everything that happens is because you conscious or unconscious mind you have approved.

"Everything is and is not at the same time." Also: "Everything is done and nothing is done." From our point of view, the route and destination is not free will exists, but from the point of view of God, everything is a present, an eternal now, where everything is done. This influences the famous question about the fate of man, if it is drawn or not.

The destiny of man, all that is forming part of the Absolute, and considering this is an eternal present where everything has already happened, and is clear. But since we know the future is as if we were drawing ourselves. As one elohim: "Everything is done and nothing is done." Or in the words of Hermes Trismegistus: "Everything is and is not at the same time."

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